US Warns That NATO Is Ready For Conflict With Russia

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Antony Blinken at NATO HQ

The US warned on Friday that NATO forces are ready to enter the conflict and defend member countries against attacks from Russia.

US Secretary of state Antony Blinken said “we are ready” for conflict if it “comes to us”.

Earlier in the week, Blinkin said that Russian president Vladimir Putin had “gravely miscalculated” by invading Ukraine and would face “massive, unprecedented consequences” from the US and its allies.

“President Putin may have assumed that the US and our allies were bluffing when we warned of massive unprecedented consequences but as President Biden likes to say, big nations can’t bluff,” he said. “The US doesn’t bluff and President Putin has gravely miscalculated.”

Also on Friday, Putin urged Russia’s neighbors “not to escalate” the crisis in Ukraine. “We do not see any need here to aggravate or worsen our relations. And all our actions, if they arise, they always arise exclusively in response to some unfriendly actions, actions against the Russian Federation,” he said.

Yahoo News reports: Nato is the military alliance currently made up of 28 European countries, plus the US and Canada. Ukraine is not a member, but is seeking to join as Russia’s attack on the country continues.

Blinken’s warning to Vladimir Putin comes as Russia continued its bombardment of Ukraine with the shelling of a nuclear power station in Zaporizhzhia in the south-east of the country.

The targeting of the plant – which the UK said could “directly threaten the safety of all of Europe” – continued even as emergency services tried to put out the resulting fire.

Blinken said Nato is ready to defend its member allies and territory: “Ours is a defensive alliance. We seek no conflict. But if conflict comes to us we are ready for it and we will defend every inch of Nato territory.

“And overnight, we’ve also seen reports about the attack against a nuclear power plant. This just demonstrates the recklessness of this war and the importance of ending it – and the importance of Russia withdrawing all its troops and engaging in good faith in diplomatic efforts.”


  1. NATO is a tool of aggression and oppression. Doubt it? Look what they did to Libya. About these flagrant ; statements? Famous Jewish fight song; “Onward Christian Soldiers.

  2. screw the Ukraine we got problems here. Let putin handle the Ukraine. Start up our oil production, start funding our own factories. Gas just went up 50 cents over night in my town. that means everthing else is going up. We need to get rid of this Government fast.

    • that is what the battle is in the ukraine FUEL iron and ores one of the richest break away states-that is why the price jumped as covid is no longer the major factor.Russian supply chain.RUSSIA is a security guard for china and their enconomic complex is one in the same as our nafta.China will back up russia in any battle before the UK.The USA has no GNP due to the 1% war lobby owned goverment.The USA is to aged to fire up anything other than a joint

    • Russia/china has already secured TONS more GOLD than the rest of the world in kazakhstan so europe will lose any battle as putin can and will nuke them if needed but our WAR DRUMMING MADDcap goverments are still then to kill each other or be killed by their own goverments as they can`t leave and are forced and are forced to kill or be killled that not freedom thats more depopulation by the 1% war lobby

  3. Russia has the economy the size of Texas, there is no way they have the ability to invade europe. they could vaporize europe, and that is what they will do if NATO keeps the crap up, but they can’t invade europe. europe is their best oil customer, why would they kill their customer?
    This whole thing is being used as a diversion to bring down the western economy so clause schabb can get us to eat bugs and not own private property

    • they could invade but that would be a mistake and putin don`t make mistakes in war movements if the battle heats up and goes for all of the eastern bloc than china and russia will fight the UK and the rest of europe and china could put 100`s of millions boots on the ground but russia don`t have than many boot troops so it would go nuke and than we would be back to Sq1 again MADDvs MADD stand off war state lobby 1% war to reduce the population and pad their pockets-it`s just puppet goverement actors WAR DRUMMING for their dinner for the 1% lobby

    • I don’t know about Schwabb.. It appears to me the entire thing is orchestrated by entrenched US money to secure the energy markets and resources of the EU and Ukraine and ultimately Russia. . Oil, gas and Mining, Military and Industrial Complex, FIRE Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Equity? There is after all only one source of wealth on the planet despite the DOW. It’s natural resources. All the rest is built on it.. To the dismay and destruction of most everything!

      • Energy supplies are also an extremely important factor, since without it raw materials cannot be mined, refined or turned into useful products, and transporting the goods would be impossible.

  4. Sure right, China knows they are next after Russia according to your list and they are not stupid like our New World Order people.

    • China and russia are one enconomical complex and russia ran to kazakhstan to save the complex as kazakhstan is really part of china not russia and china has spend over 54 billion there in the last 30 years so china will back up russia on everything as they are one in the same and that why our gas went up it came from russia and china needs that fuel too to build everyhting we buy from them.Our 1% war lobby sold us out in the reagan days and broke our unions

  5. NATO bowed out of any entanglements in Ukraine. So, Mr. Biden, tell me again what NATO is going to do about Ukraine?

  6. Yeah right Blinkey Bill. Sure If it comes to us.. Hahaha Best to outsource isn’t it in current global market So much more economic for the barracks and such a better image to the world.

  7. You can see a mile off that it’s been as set up as the Covid media saturation story. You can see a mile off Americas going to hold back and let Russia get worn down to exhaustion along with Europe and then make a move as the heroic champion of English traditions. History always repeats
    But Putins not going to be as predictable maybe as they believe..

    • we`ll send arms as a war state of the 1% war lobby for profit but we will never face off with russia as this game has gone on since I`ve been alive all over the planet

    • & MADD vs MADD means that will never happen but europe could get nuked but we won`t stop it as we sleep with the russian and china war complex in kazakhstan and in space together even NASA in K-kaz for over 30 years and the brittys also down with china since WW-II

  8. Earlier in the week, Blinkin said that Russian president Vladimir Putin had “gravely miscalculated” by invading Ukraine and would face “massive, unprecedented consequences” from the US and its allies.”.

    He’s dreaming….

    One of the key underlying themes of the Russia/Ukraine/NATO matrix is that the Empire of Lies (copyright Putin) has been rattled to the core by the combined ability of Russian hypersonic missiles and a defensive shield capable of blocking incoming nuclear missiles from the West, thereby ending Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.)

    This has led the Americans to nearly risk a hot war to be able to place hypersonic missiles that they still don’t have on Ukraine’s western borders, and so be within three minutes of Moscow. For that, of course, they need Ukraine, as well as Poland and Romania in Eastern Europe. ~ Pepe Escobar

    We shall now turn to Obama’s Maxim – ”You won’t even hear them coming.”

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