John Brennan Calls For Death Penalty Against Trump

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John Brennan calls for death penalty against Donald Trump

Former CIA head John Brennan called for the death penalty against President Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul claims.

Speaking with Fox News Thursday night, Senator Paul praised Trump’s decision to revoke Brennan’s security clearance, saying “I’ve been calling for a review of the security clearances of a lot of folks…for months and months.” reports: The Senator note that he contacted the FBI Director last January to voice concerns over former officials who still have security clearance and who are clearly opposed to the current administration.

“With John Brennan I think he should have had his clearance revoked for cause. He leaked information that came out in the media that we had a double agent in Yemen, when we were going after the underwear bomber, there still is a bomber in Yemen. He leaked that to the media.” Paul exclaimed.

“The double agent was still there,” Paul added, “He put that agent’s life at risk. John Brennan should have been fired for that.” The Senator said.

Paul also noted that there are questions over whether Brennan lied to the House Intelligence committee concerning details of the Clinton campaign funding the fake Trump intelligence dossier.

“He said ‘I didn’t know,’ so there are two possibilities. He’s either lying, or he’s incompetent. Because he was in charge of the CIA and they are using this fake dossier, and no one bothered to ask who paid for it?” Paul urged.

The Senator noted that Brennan routinely calls Trump ‘treasonous’, saying “apparently that is calling for the death penalty for the President, yet he still wants access to the nation’s secrets, crazy.”

Turning to his trip to Russia, Paul noted that in his opinion relations with Russia are the worst they have been since the height of the Cold War.

The Senator noted that he spoke with former Russian premier Mikhail Gorbachev, who negotiated with Ronald Regan in the 80s despite the “orthodoxy” of both their countries.

“They didn’t call each other names, and say ‘murderous thug’ and talk about all the terrible things… they sat down and said ‘lets try to make it better.’” Paul said.

Paul noted that representatives of the Russian government are scheduled to visit Washington in the Fall to engage in diplomatic meetings.

“That’s a good thing,” Paul said, adding “the downside is that the chairman from each side of the Russian parliamentary committees is banned from coming to the United States because of sanctions.”

Paul said that he would speak to Trump this weekend in an effort to have the heads of the Russian parliament allowed to visit.

In a further interview with his own father, Ron Paul, the Senator expanded on the situation regarding diplomacy with Russia.

“The sanctions are actually on their legislature,” Paul explained, adding “So we can’t even have communications. What I keep trying to tell [supporters of sanctions] is, even if your whole purpose is to complain about Russia, you can’t even complain to them because you’re not allowed to talk to them because of the sanctions.”

“So I believe it is a huge mistake to have sanctions on their legislators,” he also said. “The chairman of their foreign relations committee in the Duma and the Federation Council are both banned from traveling here. I’m trying to get that reversed… If not, I am telling them that I am willing to meet in a neutral third country like Switzerland next year.”

The Senator singled out deep state neocons as the ones responsible for terrible relations with Russia.

“I think there is a group of people, you know them well, the neoconservatives, who really want to diplomatically isolate us, they really are diplomatic isolationists. They want no conversation, they want only sanctions.” Paul said.

“And now that they have the sanctions, they are talking about trying to limit any interaction between our oil companies and any oil interests in Russia. Russia sees this as basically, economic warfare.” the Senator added, noting that the neocons are “true isolationists who don’t want to have any diplomatic exchange with Russia, don’t want to trade with Russia, and they’re involved in military interventions that cause us to get into conflict around the world.”



  1. There is some much more sinister going on here. The TRUTH better be coming out soon because MSM and half the government will blowup the entire world to stop the TRUTH and MSM will sit on their hands and refuse to do their Truth seeking jobs.

  2. Deep State thugs have little left besides talk and it is all lies. Put America first and globalists last. #WWG1WGA

  3. Criminal Brennan has no legal recourse or power left and must resort to threats. He hopes to inspire deepstate assassins with his rage.

  4. “Jihadi John” doesn’t need a security clearance in GITMO. Just give him a rug and an arrow pointing to Mecca.

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