Outrage As Oregon Social Workers Use Preferred Pronouns In Public Alert for Missing Children

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Oregon missing children

Oregon’s woke Department of Human Services has come under fire for stating the preferred pronouns, rather than the sex, of three missing children.

KTVL reported that three brothers Brantley Hinson aged 7, Logan Hinson aged 4, and River Hinson aged 2 went missing on June 17 and authorities said they had reason to believe they were at risk

The Mail Online reports: The ODHS’ Child Welfare Division appealed for public help to find the missing children who they speculated could be in Oregon, Idaho, or Alaska, and provided descriptions of the children.

In the identifying descriptions the division included ‘he/him’ pronouns alongside other descriptions such as age and hair color, a move that was dubbed ‘unbelievable’.

The children were found alongside their their mother Stephanie Lloyd on June 28 and the Child Welfare Division offered their thanks to the community that supported the search.

Preferred pronouns are used to signal a person is friendly towards transgender or non-binary people, whose gender may not align with their appearance – or be obvious in the first place.

One social media user said the use of the children’s gender identity was ‘unbelievable’ and normalized gender self-identification.

‘These 3 little boys are missing, and instead of listing their gender as part of their description, their preferred pronouns are listed instead. Unbelievable’ the user, who goes by the handle @Kriscilicious, wrote on Twitter.

Adding: ‘Like people are supposed to be looking for preferred pronouns. No, they’re going to be looking for little boys. It’s just another way for them to try and normalize this, but at the expense of helping find these kids.’

Other users agreed, with one writing under the post ‘Pronouns have never helped a detective solve a case. Ridiculous.’

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