You Can Now Monitor Your Child & Their Bowel Movements Thanks To Pampers Smart Diapers

Fact checked

Isn’t smart technology smart?….it will now let you to monitor your child as well as their bowels, 24 hours a day!

Thanks to Pampers, wearable devices with a new “connected care system” can track babies’ activity through a sensor that attaches to diapers.

‘Lumi’ comes with two packs of diapers, two reusable detachable sensors and a WiFi-connected video monitor. 

Procter and Gamble, the parent firm of Pampers, developed the product with Google’s sister company Verily, amid growing concerns about privacy. 

The Register reports: The Lumi by Pampers range, launched this week, is being marketed as “supporting babies’ daily development” but the truth is that’s just a way to make phone-obsessed parents buy the product and feel better about themselves.

Are you overly anxious about your child and compensate by trying to control everything in their lives? Of course you are. Do you want to know when your precious baby has taken a dump by receiving an alert on your phone – because you spent all your time interacting with a little screen rather than with the actual tiny human you profess to adore? Perfect, welcome to the Lumi range.

Here is a chance to use your rapidly diminishing disposable income to buy your way out of proper parenting – and feel good about yourself at the same time. What, after all, is more precious than our time? So why waste any of it checking on your child when dead-eyed technology can do it for you?


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