Democrats EVICT Declaration of Independence Author Thomas Jefferson

Fact checked
Radical New York City Democrats have voted to evict Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States.

Radical New York City Democrats have voted to evict Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States.

Yes, really.

The statue of Jefferson, which has been in City Hall since 1834, will be removed because of Jefferson’s “troubling past.”

Democratic lawmakers wanted to remove the statue because Jefferson owned slaves and is accused of having fathered a child with one of them.

Councilwoman Adrienne Adams (D-Queens) declared, “Thomas Jefferson was a slaveholder who owned over 600 human beings, African slaves. He reaped the economic benefits of slave labor. He maintained the notion that Black people were inferior to white people.” Many others Democrats also spoke out in support of removing the statue. reports: The group is committed to changing all of New York’s “problem sites” according to reports. Those who spoke out against the statue pushed the leaders to also adopt measures to rename areas that were in honor of past leaders of the city and Christopher Columbus.

New York state Assemblyman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) took things one step further. As the City leaders look for a new home for the statue, he suggested that “they should put it in a central place in the Black community and give us all sledgehammers and let us smash it into dust.” Because destroying any piece of history will completely erase it from existence, right?


  1. Democrats, in the past, argued that Slaves were not human beings and so could be worked to death. Today they say a 9 month fetus is not a human being, so it can have its spine severed and sold to the highest bidder.

    Who says Democrats have no Principles?

    • Most people that vote Democrat don’t even know they started the kkk. In fact, they think it’s a Republican thing,
      They also don’t know about the black men behind the Republican Party. It’s as if everything is inverted.

      • Howdy MsV369. You are spot on. I’ve often wondered about the huge hole of knowledge missing from the general public. My first reaction is to blame the “progressive” teachers that we have turned our kids over to. But then I wonder why the Republican Party doesn’t do something about the educational system in this country. I watched a “Water’s World” youtube video where he asked a few college kids on spring break a few questions on American History. Things like, “Who bombed Pearl Harbor? Who won the Civil War? They had no idea. I was floored.

        • It’s just like what Yuri said.
          Parents should have never given their children up to the enemy. Guess they just made it too easy for them.
          Now we have a large group of ‘educated’ retards (mentally stunted).
          They told me I should go to college. So I decided to give it a go. I lasted 3 semesters. They did the ‘pick up form A & bring it to building B to get signed & then bring it to building C’ etc. The voice in my head immediately said-this is wasted time on bull$hit.
          So I went to trade school. So much better.
          I would say though-if I had to do grammar school thing again I would choose a Montessori school. But that isn’t ‘free’ aka paid for by our taxes.

  2. It’s part of the purge, like the Romans burning the Alexander Library so the future only know the past they allow them to see. Its all part of deceiving the whole world. In anticipation of the RESTORATION disguised as the great reset to cover the truth until its all in place without the people realising what’s even happened.

    • While parents send their kids to indoctrination camps. Making sure they learn all the rules of the NWO. The first one being-don’t question anything. Followed by ‘obey’

  3. If Jefferson fathered a child with one of his slave women, doesn’t that prove he was not discriminating on the basis of race?

    And of course if he had tried the same thing with a male slave, it would have proved that he was not discriminating on the basis of gender.

  4. These idiots don’t realize that Jefferson freed his slaves before he died. He went broke before he died, for several reasons:
    he focused on public office instead of his farm; he inherited debt from his father-in-law and took on a friend’s debt just for starters. He was forced to sell Monticello and before he did, he freed all his slaves. He may or may not have had an affair with one of his slaves – a DNA test was done but it may well have been his brother who had the affair and not him. Jefferson was a brilliant genius who was self-taught. He was an inventor among other things. IMO, the thing he most excelled at was the Constitution – only a truly brilliant mind could have come up with the ideas that went into the constitution. These idiots were born into the greatest nation ever to exist and they want to destroy it and bring in communism – a system that has been proven time and again to fail. They complain abou t their ancestors being slaves and have no idea that slavery is exactly what they are now asking for. They will be the death and enslavement of us all. It makes me beyond sad.

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