Facebook Look to Conservatives for Help Amid Democratic Coup D’etat of the Company

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Facebook seeking help from Conservatives as Democrats rip the company the shreds

Facebook is hoping that Republican lawmakers will come to their rescue amid an unprecedented coup d’état from Democrats who have vowed to completely take-over and reshape the Big Tech giant.

Still reeling from the coordinated Democrat hit job two weeks ago by fake “whistleblower” Frances Haugen, Facebook issued a statement Monday decrying a “gotcha campaign” while warning about another fake hit job involving leaked documents being reported by thirty journalists being coordinated by the same PR firm behind the previous hit.

Facebook posted the following statement to Twitter:

“We expect the press to hold us accountable, given our scale and role in the world. But when reporting misrepresents our actions and motivations, we believe we should correct the record.

Over the last 6 weeks, including over the weekend, we’ve seen how documents can be mischaracterized. Obviously, not every employee at Facebook is an executive; not every opinion is the company’s position.

Right now 30+ journalists are finishing up a coordinated series of articles based on thousands of pages of leaked documents. We hear that to get the docs, outlets had to agree to the conditions and a schedule laid down by the PR team that worked on earlier leaked docs.

A curated selection out of millions of documents at Facebook can in no way be used to draw fair conclusions about us. Internally, we share work in progress and debate options. Not every suggestion stands up to the scrutiny we must apply to decisions affecting so many people.

To those news organizations who would like to move beyond an orchestrated ‘gotcha’ campaign, we are ready to engage on the substance. – John Pinette, VP Communications

REAL Facebook Whistleblower Exposes Frances Haugen: ‘She’s a Deep State Stooge’

As Human Events’ Will Chamberlain points out on Twitter, it may be too late for Facebook as they burned down their bridges with Conservatives a long time ago: “You know, I can imagine a world where conservatives were defending you from this lefty blackmail. Maybe you shouldn’t have banned the sitting President of the United States.”


  1. They are not stupid. They just don’t think things through far enough. And their concept of good and evil — though simple and appealing — is profoundly flawed.

    • They literally have groups that play out all of these agendas to see how people would react, what would happen, how they would handle it etc.
      There’s a reason-their reason-for any of what looks like a problem for them.
      Some even say they have technology labeled ‘groundhog day’ technology, using an AI to see how things will play out.

  2. Will the Republicans would admit to themselves and everybody that Facebook companies went all in for Biden and against every Republican in the last election? I’m not buying the act from Zuckerberg.. once the Democrat Congress starts ‘regulating’ social media his monopoly will only grow.

  3. Dems want to use facebook as their ministry of morality and information. Using it to increase size and scope of government control and increase the number of babies murdered in their mothers womb. Truly they serve Moloch.

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