Pentagon ‘Knew’ About Brussels Attacks In Advance

Fact checked
The Pentagon have admitted they knew about the Brussels attacks in advance, but were helpless in doing anything about it

The Pentagon have confirmed that they knew about the Brussels attacks in advance saying that they had foreknowledge that ISIS had planned to launch an attack on the city.

Despite the intelligence the U.S. were still unable to prevent Tuesday’s tragedy. 

Three officials told Reuters that whilst the United States government knew the attacks were going to take place, they did not know exactly when or where they would occur. reports:

The believed impetus for the strike was the arrest of Salah Abdeslam in Belgium last Friday. Abdeslam was the main suspect to have survived the ISIS attack on Paris in November.

While this could have influenced the timing, the US believes that the terror group was already planning an attack on Belgium and merely advanced the date.

In today’s attacks, which struck a subway station and an airport, the jihadists murdered 34 people and left nearly 200 wounded.

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