Super-Smart Humans To Come In The Future (Video)

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It’s believed that by combining certain aspects of human DNA, people could be born with intelligences greater than ever seen before.

Imagine a world with only smart people. It’s a bizarre fantasy that may one day become a reality.

An international organization that shares university labs and research data, known as the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium, has identified parts of the human DNA directly linked to intelligence.

It may be possible for a human being to be engineered with the intelligence-increasing components, which could then equate to more than 1,000 IQ points.

While it’s undetermined what this would mean for IQ test scores, individuals possessing this form of intelligence would be smarter than any of the 100 billion people who’ve existed since the beginning of humankind.

These people would have savant-like skills, with their brains working on a level never seen before. They would have almost exact recall of images and words, calculate and solve problems with rapid speed, and have multiple trains of thought simultaneously.

Humans may become incredibly smart with this advancement, but a problem may remain with their social intelligence.

Lack of social awareness, along with lack of empathy, could lead the super-smart to use their genius for evil.

While genetically engineered super-intelligence won’t happen any time soon, it is something worth examining, along with the ethical issues it creates.

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