Video: “Exposed: Hillary Clinton’s Sex Scandals”

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This video is obviously slanted very, very, very far in one direction, yet it is worth watching for a lot of the things that it reveals that actually are not Hillary Clinton related (and some that are!).

The creators of the video concisely put together all of the pieces of Edward Snowden and what he leaked without being preachy – it’s actually one of the best (and fastest at UNDER 2 minutes) descriptions of what he “uncovered” that is out there.  Now, whether he is actually a double agent, or still works for the government and all of the million and one conspiracy theories that go with it is a whole other issue, but it is good nonetheless to hear the “official” story sometimes so that you can be prepared to debate people who do not dig further into the truth of a situation.

The other interesting aspect of this vide, whether intentional or not, is the amount of US Government scandals it brings to light (this part is where it gets preachy, but, it’s a good list of interesting buried stories) some things that you probably haven’t heard of – like one of Clinton’s former security staff suing her and being subsequently harassed to an unbelievable (for some) point.

So, whichever way you lean (or maybe you just stand up straight, or sit down) it’s still an interesting watch:

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