Austrian Police Unable To Stop Woman Who Has Scratched 1000 Cars

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Austrian police say that a woman who has scratched around 1,000 cars cannot be stopped for technical reasons.

The 35-year-old woman who suffers from mental health problems has been scratching people’s cars for six years, and continues to do so, with new victims coming forward all the time.

Police say that they are powerless to take any action after a court ruled that she cannot be held accountable for her actions.

‘As long as the legal situation stays as it is, our hands are unfortunately tied,’ says Styria’s police commander.

The Local reports:

They say, however, that there is not much they can do as until the woman is reported for a crime with a punishment of at least a year in jail, the courts are unable to send her to an psychiatric institute for criminals.

“As long as the legal situation stays as it is, our hands are unfortunately tied. Neither police nor the state prosecutors can do anything at this moment,” said police commander Dietmar Jeglitsch.

After the woman was reported to the courts last year, a psychiatric expert said she could not be held legally responsible due to her mental health.

Police say around 1,000 people, including a police officer, have been targeted by the car scratching although the figure is “likely to be much higher”.

“There is always a zig zag pattern. The woman mainly chooses black vehicles,” said Jeglitsch.

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