President Putin Returns the Gold Standard to Russia

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Russia returns to the gold standard

President Putin has announced the return of the gold standard in Russia which could make the Ruble the single most stable currency on the planet.

As of this week, the Russian government is abolishing the VAT (tax) on bullion. reports: Nobody around the world will favor a US dollar, backed by nothing, from a nation $30 TRILLION in debt, versus a gold-backed Ruble.

Russia just completely SMASHED the United States and the EUROZONE.

Think I’m kidding?   Think again.

When Muammar Qaddafi in Libya planned on a Gold-backed currency for all of Africa, the West went into Libya and overthrew him.

When Saddam Hussein in Iraq announced he would start selling oil in currencies other than the U.S. Dollar, two months later was Iraq War 2 – and they hung him!

The U.S. Dollar being the sole reserve currency for this planet is why wars get waged, and now Russia has completely, totally smashed it.

You watch.  The U.S. that has been saying “no nuclear war” and even Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin saying yesterday “All this talk of nuclear war is dangerous, stop it” is going to change almost overnight.  The US is now in an existential crisis.  Our currency has just been utterly smashed by Russia’s decision to back the Ruble with Gold.

Watch the rhetoric about Russia from this moment on.  You will notice it is ratcheted-up to vilification like you’ve never seen before.   Why, they’ll probably start accusing Russian troops of throwing babies out of incubators in Ukraine hospitals (like they accused Iraq) in order to justify going to war with Russia.

In my personal opinion, war with Russia is now a foregone conclusion.   The US and Europe have no choice.   If the Dollar and the EURO are to survive, Russia must be killed.


    • before that they killed off all his sons and he was president of the united states of africa so the common wealth including the USA hit him.He was a weaker than most and longer than most leader and removeing him was`nt a good move for the west as it will bite us sooner or later

      • Hillary believes the brutal slaying of Qaddafi and the destruction and subjugation of Libya are ‘good examples’. Very many Republicans agree. War and hatred are bi-partisan projects. Qaddafi wanted to water and feed Africa without the IMF.. Not saying he was any angel. He made the apologies and reparations he was asked and his worst mistake, he disarmed. Force is the only thing Washington respects. I don’t think most Americans are like that. But it’s for sure many get swept up in these crises and campaigns. Thanks.

  1. by that time they had also killed all of his kids and Qaddafi was the president of the united states of africa something the rocker fellowSS was trying to prevent for ages.He was a friend of the USA at one point and lived in a tent in the USA at times when he talked at blue blood colleges.The russian troops are being forced to kill the troops in the ukraine just as they are also not allowed to leave and must kill thier own brothers the russians for the battle with the common wealth power play.The minning of precious metals in Kazakhstan is up by 83.2 % and 79.3% of that goes to china which is the slave labor half of the russian/china complex

    • and we don`t have endless GOLD still in the ground so OUR MADD caps are going to get us nuked?,But the dollar may be worth a dime like the 1930`s dust bowl

  2. No wonder the NWO and central bankers want to take him down.

    Russia is the problem child for Klaus Schwab and the WEF.

  3. Believe it or not. This is excellent news. The US has tons of Gold (mainly from the Vatican) and will announce a Gold backed Dollar as well at some stage. That leaves the Feral Reserve no other choice but to declare bankruptcy. China has tons of gold and will back their Whan as well;;. Europe is broke, so not sure what’s going to happen there. This was all planned to get the world onto a stable currency and away from the BS Central Banks fiat money system set up by the Cabal. That’s why Putin is in Ukraine. That was the Cabals strong hold… not any more.

    • Russia and china are GOLD RICH with endless GOLD still in the feild kazakhstan china/russia state is just starting to tap the gold still in the ground and their fuels and metals are also the largest in the world and thats what our china products are made from.CHINA and russia don`t need europe and they can and do shut their fuel piplines off anytime they want to as they have for years,Russia has more fuel in the ground still than the middle east which is tapped out thats why the battle for ukriane and kazakhstan fuel metals oils GOLD and so on.Russia dn china rae the largest market in the world now and that also is driving our prices up and out fuel up as we are no longer a VIP for china products and that supply chain from russia is broken also driving worldwide gas markets and foods up

    • GOLD could level things out a bit as it has always been the best standard overall but many times there are better ways less in war and power battles with other countrys

  4. Anyone speak Russian? The tweet only mentions removal of VAT from bullion gold. Europe has no VAT on bullion gold and silver. Are they indeed announcing a gold backed rubble, or is it only removal of VAT?

  5. We dont have gold… I dont think Fort Knox is full, our money and what not seems to be in the metaverse.
    And if we continue to dig for more… how Green is that?
    Maybe we could buy some from China, Russia
    the Mayans?

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