North Korea Announce That Dog Meat Is A ‘Superfood’

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North Korea say dog meat is a superfood

North Korea have hailed dog meat as the world’s leading ‘superfood’, with King Jong-un’s regime telling the media that dog stew can increase stamina and cure disease.

North Korean television have aired claims by experts in Pyongyang that beating a dog to death “improves its flavor” and that eating it is a vital to human nutrition. reports:

North Korean propaganda channels have been pushing dog meat as a ‘stamina food’ and ‘medicine’ – and suggesting dogs should be beaten to death to improve the flavour.

Dog stew – or dangogi – is popular in North Korea, and channels such as DPRK today have claimed this year that it has more vitamins than beef, chicken or pork.

Propaganda radio channel Tongil Voice said, ‘There’s an old saying that even a slice of dangogi can be good medicine during the dog days.

It shows our people’s love for dangogi and that dangogi is the finest of all medicines, especially during the dog days when the weather is scorching.”

Some observers have suggested that the propaganda push may be a sign of renewed famine in the dictatorship, where food is often scarce.


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