Pfizer & Moderna Rolling Out New ‘Super mRNA’ Jabs for ‘Pandemic Influenza’

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Big Pharma rolling out super mRNA for pandemic influenza.

The Biden administration just awarded Moderna a $176 million contract to develop new mRNA jabs for a “pandemic influenza” caused by bird flu.

Following the decline in sales of the Covid jabs, Moderna was on the verge of collapse until the Biden regime decided to give the company a lifeline. reports: The only functioning product the $45 billion company has ever released was its mRNA injections for COVID. Now, Moderna will have a whole new profit stream thanks to Biden.

It turns out that Pfizer is also included in the scam. Both Pfizer and Moderna now have license from Biden to create “catch-all” injections that can be used for any type of “pandemic influenza.” This ensures that both companies can rake Americans over the coals for many years to come.

Any current or future influenza-labeled “pandemic” will automatically give Pfizer and Moderna the green light to start churning out new mRNA injections, compliments of U.S. taxpayers.

“The award made today is part of our longstanding commitment to strengthen our preparedness for pandemic influenza,” said Dawn O’Connell, the Biden regime’s assistant secretary for preparedness and response, about the move.

“Adding this technology to our pandemic flu toolkit enhances our ability to be nimble and quick against the circulating strains and their potential variants.”

Pandemics forever

The only way these Big Pharma companies can survive moving forward is if government officials continue to award them lucrative, taxpayer-funded contracts in schemes like this. Without this special arrangement on behalf of corporations, Big Pharma’s profit streams would quickly dry up.

If the government did this kind of thing with individuals, it would be called socialism. Since these are corporations on the dole, a more correct term is fascism. Either way, it is not the free market we are constantly told is at play.

An attorney by trade with no healthcare experience, O’Connell was previously in charge of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a group controlled by billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates that has significant portfolio investments both in Pfizer and Moderna.

Should the bird flu fakedemic fail to manifest as Big Pharma and the government are hoping it will, the failsafe is that Moderna and Pfizer will both be allowed to rebrand their mRNA injections for whatever new “scare” is unleashed in its place.

Think “pandemics” forever, which is how Big Pharma will keep itself afloat. All Pfizer and Moderna have to do now is create a “universal” injection for anything related to “influenza” and they will have the ability to rake in tens of billions of dollars in profits for decades to come.

“Pfizer and Moderna are effectively manufacturing a cure for a yet to be discovered infectious agent,” explains Jordan Schachtel, writing for The Dossier.

“If this doesn’t make logical sense, you must be an idiot who ‘thinks for yourself’ and ‘does your own research’ like a buffoon, instead of honoring the time-tested tradition of trusting Pharma-sponsored virologist and epidemiologist experts at Harvard and the CDC. Horray $cience!”

In the comments, someone pointed out that in more than 15 years, only 54 people have died, supposedly, from H5N1, also known as bird or avian flu. This fact alone proves that these new mRNA shots are about profit and probably also genocide, and not about protecting public health from the next “disease” that comes our way.

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