Rory Stewart Denies Being a Spy Tasked with Destroying Brexit

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He denies being an MI6 agent, but acknowledges a real agent would have to deny their role.

PM hopeful Rory Stewart accused of being a British spy tasked with sabotaging Brexit

Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart has denied secretly being an undercover MI6 spy.

His denial comes after a history professor at the London School of Economics accused the MP of being a “spy” backed by the establishment to destroy Brexit.

Stewart was forced to deny the claims on a radio show Tuesday, but admitted that even if he was a spy he would have to deny it, to protect his cover.

Rumors of his MI6 past began circulating after it was revealed that he was recruited by the Secret Intelligence Service after graduating from Oxford University.

Is Rory Stewart Secretly Working for MI6?

According to the London Telegraph, “Claims from a Whitehall security source, who said that Mr Stewart had spent seven years as a spy before entering Parliament.”

However, according to Alan Sked, emeritus professor of international history at the London School of Economics, it is “very likely” that Stewart is an establishment plant who has been tasked with derailing Brexit.

“It is beginning to look as if Stewart is an MI6 officer (spy). His father was deputy head of MI6 for most of the 1970s and a leak from an intelligence source says that Rory was a spy for seven years before becoming an MP. The last throw of the SIS to destroy Brexit? Very likely,” said Sked. reports: Stewart spent time in the Army, worked in the Foreign Office and had several postings abroad, including as deputy governor of an Iraqi province.

He walked 6,000 miles across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal, apparently for the fun of it; you can see why questions arise as to whether he was an agent for the Secret Intelligence Service.

Now he could help eliminate Home Secretary Sajid Javid and ex-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab from the No10 race.

He sounds less like a settled Tory and more like a desperate Lib Dem with his nuance, pragmatism and yearning for compromise.

This may be enough to win him a spot in the final runoff where the remaining two candidates are put to the membership.

But if he makes it that far, one has to wonder what his plan will be then.