VIDEO: Bizarre 6-Foot Long Sea Scorpion Fossil Discovered

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A group of paleontologists from Yale University have published a study on the finding of a prehistoric creature that roamed the Earth (and sea) about 470 million years ago – a human sized sea scorpion.

From GeoBeatsNews:

Paleontologists at Yale have published their study on a fossil of a prehistoric creature so terrifying, it would no doubt make many humans thankful not to be alive back then.

The creature is a nearly 6-foot long sea scorpion, and researchers note that when it roamed the Earth about 470 million years ago, it was a particularly fierce beast.

Named Pentecopterus after the ancient Greek warship, it’s believed the creature was a mighty predator equipped with two sets of legs likely exclusively used for capturing prey.

At its posterior end is a paddle-like appendage that could have been utilized while digging and swimming.

Due to the remarkable condition of the fossil, researchers were able to determine that many of its legs were covered in thick bristles, which were possibly used for sensory purposes.

The specimen, discovered in 2010 in an Iowa meteorite crater, predates all other known examples of its classification group by roughly 9 million years.

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