Fascinating Documentary: Ancient Mega Structures Of The Deep

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ancient mega structures

A fascinating new documentary on YouTube has been released which shows some of the incredible new ways in which we are unearthing ancient mega structures.

From the YouTube description:

Shot on location in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, Ancient Discoveries unearths amazing technologies we think of as modern, but which actually have their origins in antiquity.

Ancient Mega Structures

The series travels back in time to uncover remarkably sosphisticated inventions and to celebrate the ancient engineers whose ingenuity laid the foundations for todays technology.

While the ground is practically littered with evidence of our ancestors’ achievements, cutting edge archaeology is revealing that this century’s most exciting discoveries actually lie at the bottom of the ocean.

What fantastic structures did our forebears create only to have them submerge from sight?

Royce Christyn

Royce Christyn

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