Russian Scientist Unveils Evidence Of Advanced Ancient Civilisation

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Russian scientists say they have found evidence of an ancient advanced civilisation

Is it possible an ancient civilisation capable of shaping stones using advanced power tools existed in the distant past?

Could this civilisation have predated all known cultures associated with megalithic sites around the world to this day?

According to a Russian researcher the answer is most definitely “yes”:

That’s the conclusion of Andrej Sklyarov, a Russian researcher who – like Christopher Dunn – has a background in mechanical engineering and inspected various tool marks and other peculiar features exhibited in stonework currently attributed to cultures who are said to have fabricated these mega structures using copper chisels, stone balls and other primitive tools.

The video below provides an overview of his findings:

Although the clip has been around for some time (and has been mentioned on ATS before) it has never been subject of a thread of its own, as far as I know.

Interestingly, Sklyarov first introduces the hardness scale of different stone types, explaining that tools need to be harder than the materials they are applied to. However, he also points to the fact that copper tools would require an abrasive like quartz sand in order to work a harder material such as granite. Yet, the alleged use of copper tools is not consistent with the results seen on many artifacts:


For those who don’t have the time to watch the video, here go just a few of the many highlights he presents:

Hole drilled into granite (Karnak):


Sawmarks Giza Plateau:

Saqqara: Blocks leveled off with high precision:
artifact4 artifact5

Same type of block, leveled off, surface discolored due to machine tooling:

Artifact in southern Saqqara (cut with high speed circular saw):

Tool veered off to the side, leaving behind crease:


Edges extending around corners (granite temple):


Peculiar arrangement of stones near Machu Pichu:

He goes into much detail explaining what’s so specific about the fabrication methods of the stonework and why he concludes that he is certain that machines (and methods unknown to us today) must have been used to achieve the illustrated effects.

Personally, I think it’s entirely possible that there has been an earlier civilization. I’m well aware that there is hardly evidence for a lost culture besides the inexplicable stonework left behind but I still believe something was going on back then that we have yet to figure out. I will close this thread with an image that Chris Dunn posted on his site showing the similarity in production methods then and now (based on modern machining, in comparison to Puma Punku) …