SHADOW GOVERNMENT: Obama Takes Call With Dems in Congress – Excludes Joe Biden

Fact checked
Obama leads call with Congress Dems and excludes Biden

New proof of who is really running the White House came to light last week after it emerged that former President Barack Obama held a meeting with the Democrats in Congress without Joe Biden.

For the past year we’ve had indications that it was Obama running this nightmare of a Presidency. With senile Joe in charge, Obama can do all the things he dreamed of doing to America without taking any of the responsibility. Afghanistan is a prime example of this. reports: Obama shared the following:

Pelosi slipped and labeled the failed policy mislabeled ‘Build Back Better’ an Obama program.

Twitchy reported on White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki slipping and claiming she reports to Obama.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was on “The View” yesterday where co-host Ana Navarro got her to circle back to the matter of President Biden saying there’s a possibility the November midterm elections won’t be legitimate.

During the same interview, Psaki moved the needle on some Freudian slip detectors:

Last week Obama held a meeting with the Democrats in Congress without Joe Biden.  This gives us more information on who is running the show.  Newsmax reported:

Former President Barack Obama told House Democrats on a conference call this week to “take the wins you can get,” and warned not to “whine about the stuff you can’t change,” ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, CBS News reports.

“Democrats have a tendency to complain about what we didn’t get done rather than talking about what we did get done,” Obama said during the call, which took place over Zoom during a retreat for House Democrats.

So right now bets are that Obama is running the country, despite this being totally illegal.  But since Obama and Biden never respected the law or the US Constitution, this is the best bet on who’s [failing at] running this country. Also, there must be something going on for Obama to have a call with Congress.


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  2. I’m just waiting for that day when he’ll try to use Kenya as his (real) home. F*n traitor! There was nothing American ever about him or Big Mike.

  3. I think this was pretty obvious from the beginning. When Xiden recycled every one from Obama’s cabinet, to his “White House” across the street from the actual white house it is clear that he is a puppet for Barry Soetoro. What is sad is there is a large portion of the population that either refuses to believe the truth or is just too stupid to see it.

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