Hungary Vows to Protect Free Speech Online For Everyone

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Hungary vows to protect free speech on social media

Hungary wants to implement regulations to safeguard free speech on the internet at a time when censorship is at an all-time high.

Judit Varga, Minister of Justice in Hungary, says she wants to implement EU regulations forcing Big Tech companies to stop the suppression of conservative and independent views.

The plan is to introduce a legal framework that will prevent Google and other internet giants from silencing the voices of citizens. reports: “We create a working group within the Ministry for Justice in order to investigate the possibilities for a legal environment to ensure the transparency of social media service providers – both on EU and national level.”

“Originally their job would not be to influence societal processes and elections by censoring comments on an ideological basis, however, if they had done it once they shall accept the necessity of the regulation and follow the rules of democracy.”

“We talked about these issues among many today at the EU Meeting Point at Sziget Festival”, Judit Varga writes on Facebook.


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