Ray Epps Demands That Tucker Carlson Apologise for Ousting Him as a Deep State Goon

Fact checked
Ray Epps demands apology from Tucker Carlson after being ousted as a Deep State goon

Ray Epps has issued a legal threat to Tucker Carlson, demanding that Tucker apologize for ousting him as an FBI agent on national television.

We’ve all seen the video of Epps pretending to be a Trump supporter and inciting people to enter the Capitol, but in his second interview transcript, he claimed he thought the Capitol would be open to the public on January 6.

In that same interview, he explains what he meant when he texted his nephew to say he was in front of the crowd and “also orchestrated it.”

Twitchy.com reports: The fact-checkers got to work debunking the suggestion by “the crazies” (Kinzinger’s words) that Epps was either a fed or working with the feds, but the allegations just won’t go away. Epps apparently wants to clear his good name and is demanding that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson retract “false and defamatory statements” about him and issue a “formal on-air apology.” That’s not gonna happen.

Note that the Times keeps running the photo of Epps not in jail but at home with his wife, going through hell, and not the photos of him inciting people to rush the Capitol.

He should agree to go on Carlson’s show to demand that apology in person — after Carlson asks a few questions.