Biden’s New ‘Minister Of Truth’ Demands Power To Edit People’s Tweets

Fact checked
Nina Jankowicz

Biden’s newly appointed disinformation czar is demanding that ‘trustworthy and verified people’ like herself, should be given the power to edit other people’s tweets.

Minister of truth Nina Jankowicz claims that she wants to make Twitter more like Wikipedia.

So basically Jankowicz, the same person who has a proven track record of pushing disinformation and hyper-partisanship, wants the power to edit tweets she disagrees with.

Summit News reports: Asserting that she was “eligible for it because I’m verified,” Jankowicz then bemoaned the fact there are people on Twitter with different opinions to her who also have the blue tick but “shouldn’t be verified” because they’re “not trustworthy.”

“So verified people can essentially start to edit Twitter the same sort of way that Wikipedia is so they can add context to certain tweets,” said Jankowicz.

She then provided the example, which she claimed was non-political, of President Trump tweeting about voter fraud.

“Someone could add context from one of the 60 lawsuits that went through the court or something that an election official in one of the states said, perhaps your own Secretary of State and his news conferences, something like that,” said Jankowicz.

“Adding context so that people have a fuller picture rather than just an individual claim on a tweet,” she added.

Of course, Twitter already slaps warning labels on such tweets, but now Jankowicz wants approved regime propagandists to be empowered to insert their narrative on an individual basis.

Also note how two of the other participants in the conversation were wearing face masks, despite it being a remote Zoom call.

As we previously highlighted, Jankowicz was handed the role of overseeing Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ despite revealing that free speech makes her “shudder” while also promoting the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.

Jankowicz also ludicrously cited Christopher Steele as an expert on disinformation. Steele was the author of the infamous Clinton campaign-funded Trump ‘peegate’ dossier’ that turned out to be an actual product of disinformation.


  1. I figured out what is going on. People have been dropping out of Twitter. The deepstate, or whatever you want to call them, put too much money in building Twitter the brainwashing machine. Since no one is logging into twitter anymore, the asset is becoming useless. The cooked up this scheme to get people back to logging into twitter by telling Elon to buy it and go do interviews about it stating that free speech needs to be protected. So this is to get people to come back to twitter. And people will when Elon acquires it, and he will implement free speech….HOWEVER, the deepstate has the new minister of truth that will constrain and over power Elon’s free speech platform. He will play the part of the guy that is trying to provide free speech platform, but that dang minister of truth keeps ruining everything.

    This is what is happening folks. Forget Twitter, Google, Youtube, instagram, amazon, and the rest of the government back corporations.

  2. Oooohhhhhh, I bet the Duchess of Montechitshow is so jealous of this lady boy. But then, the Duchess wants to be President of USA. After Biden, it is mandatory to have a lying, deceiving, hateful, racist on the throne in the WH.

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