World War 3 coming soon? U.S. threatened by a ‘nuclear’ Russia?

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Heading To World War 3?

A fascinating article from journalist Ryan Arciero was released today and has been causing a stir on the internet.  In the article, Arciero states, “Some media sources are claiming that a major nuclear war may be on the horizon due to continued tensions between Russia and the U.S. nation. The Epoch Times reports this Thursday, October 16, 2014, that the U.S. and other powers in the Western hemisphere are being “threatened” by Vladmir Putin, the Russian president. What’s more, at least one political expert is asserting this week that the West would lose if violence did erupt.”

But what really would be the likelihood of a World War 3?  Experts point to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, as Listverse states the Ukrainian conflict is reaching a boiling point.  They say, “Ukrainian nationalists are calling Putin’s invasion an act of war; Russians in Ukraine are calling it an act of salvation. Riots are flaring up all across the country as the two dominant political forces come to a head.

world war 3Arciero goes on to ask about World War 3, “If the looming threat of a third major World War is indeed coming soon, that won’t be good news for the U.S. and its allied nations in Europe, at least according to one political expert. The Pakistan Observer shared that the West would “likely lose” to both China and Russia if a nuclear conflict were to emerge.

What is your input on this issue, readers? Is a legitimate threat being posed to the U.S., and if so, how should our great nation respond?

What is your opinion, do you feel we are heading to a World War 3, or have we become too technologically advanced to call whatever global situation a “world war”?  Sound off in the comments below!

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