Doomed flights: Malaysia made to pay?

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Doomed flights: Malaysia made to pay?

“Once is coincidence. Twice is happenstance. And thrice is ‒ enemy action.” That’s what the intelligence agencies say when strange things happen.

Of course, strange things can be just strange things. However, when three in a row happen to the same person or organization the numerical probability shoots up beyond the possible and it is time to find out who or what is doing it ‒ and why ‒ and then to take remedial action.

The first strange thing was in March, 2014 when flight MH370 of Malaysian Airlines deviated almost backwards from its planned flight path so as to fly over the Malaysian peninsula. It then vanished somewhere in the Andaman Sea (or possibly elsewhere). There was no distress signal. Two hundred and thirty nine people must have died.

The second strange thing was in July, 2014 when flight MH17 of Malaysian Airlines, was directed over a conflict zone in east Ukraine and shot down. There was no distress signal. Two hundred and ninety eight people died.

The third strange thing was on 28th December, 2014 when flight QZ501 of AirAsia, a low cost Malaysian airline based in Kuala Lumpur, disappeared over the Java Sea. There was no distress signal. One hundred and sixty two people died.

All three strange things happened to airlines of Malaysia. And that’s the big strange thing ‒ why Malaysia?

And who would want to attack Malaysia or at least send it a nasty message?

And who might have the technology to interfere sufficiently with airplanes so as to ensure their demise?

And who has done similar things in the past?

And who have been lying their heads off over what they’ve done in the past?

Firstly, why Malaysia? Go back to the 1998 financial crisis when the Americans were demanding that Malaysia give in to the demands of the International Monetary Fund (plus the Americans, Zionists and banksters), take huge loans at high interest, and sell off its assets. But Malaysia (under the leadership of Prime Minister Mahathir taking the advice of Tan Sri Nor Mohammed Yakcop) refused.

Yes, it refused because the Malaysian fundamentals were sound and an essentially political attack was being made. Three years later, PM Mahathir extracted a groveling apology from the IMF ‒ the IMF (and the Americans, Zionists and banksters) were completely wrong and Malaysia completely right.

But there’s another very big reason why the Americans, Zionists and banksters hate Malaysia. In 2011, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (a Malaysian organization established in 2007 by PM Mahathir to investigate war crimes) found USA President George Bush (plus the top USA political echelon) and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair guilty of war crimes. You read that correctly ‒ war crimes.

And let nobody think that, where the USA, Zionists and banksters (plus their crony the UK) are concerned, bygones are ever bygones. Cuba had its revolution sixty five years ago yet there are still sanctions on Cuba. Iran had its revolution in 1979 (a mere thirty five years ago) but the USA (allegedly negotiating in good faith over civilian nuclear matters but actually, as usual, negotiating in bad faith) is STILL putting on sanctions!

So let nobody think that Malaysia has been forgiven. Like Cuba and Iran it will be penalized for ever more. And if it cannot be done by sanctions, other ways have to be found….

As to who might have the technology to interfere with planes and control them it is known that the USA and Israel have long had the technology. They also have the ruthlessness as when on 9/11 they deliberately not only allowed a plot to continue but made very sure that it succeeded and succeeded on the grand scale (which, of course, was the murder of three thousand citizens). This was done to provide a wholesale justification for war on Islamic societies.

As for lying, they lied about 9/11, they lied about Iraq, they lied about spying on everybody and they are lying about MH17 shot down by Kiev over Ukraine. Then, all the time, they use Zionist/American control of the mainstream media to ensure that their truth-reversal of events is the one that prevails.

Or rather, did prevail because, at long last, the alternative media is managing to get out the truth.

What is the position if the recently discovered black box of flight QZ501 reveals it was brought down by the weather? That would still not change the extraordinary sequence of events as the West tries to cover up what really happened to MH17 over Ukraine.

Firstly, they lied as usual and blamed Russia.

Secondly, they set up an investigation panel and ‒ yes, you could make this up ‒ they excluded the one country which was very seriously involved, namely, Malaysia!

Then they announced that fast-moving objects coming from outside had destroyed the plane (which is obvious if you look at the pictures of the cockpit showing bullet holes on both sides of the cockpit) and then they at last let Malaysia be part of the investigation because they could not refuse.

But, at the same time, they are doing the usual blackmailing and coercing to ensure that the truth will remain hidden. Which means that the final report will be delayed and delayed…. until, eventually, by a majority, it will fudge the issue and claim it is impossible to be sure (even though there was an American satellite which was over the scene at the time – why hasn’t its images been published?)

So don’t forget ‒ once is coincidence; twice is happenstance; and thrice is enemy action.

Article By Rodney Shakespeare Via Press TV

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