Special-Ops Personnel Being Investigated For Backing ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protest

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Freedom protests Canada

Canada’s Special Operations Forces Command has said that it will not tolerate its members taking part in vaccine-mandate protests

Three members of the Special Operations Forces are being investigated by the military after they allegedly expressed support for ongoing vaccine-mandate protests in Ottawa, the command said in a statement on Sunday.  

Commander Major-General Steve Boivin said: “I have recently been advised of allegations that at least three CANSOFCOM (Canadian Special Operations Forces Command) members have been, in some form or another, supporting the ongoing protests in Ottawa

RT reports: It’s not clear whether the personnel took to the streets of the Canadian capital, joining the truckers and their supporters in person, or have otherwise stated their approval of the protest.

In one case, the force was alerted of an alleged transgression on February 1, with Boivin noting that the member involved was already in the process of being released from the army at the time.

The other two cases were reported last Thursday, and one of the members was likewise in the process of being terminated. The fate of the third member, who apparently is an active-duty serviceman, is still to be determined. 

Boivin argued that the force members had “jeopardized the apolitical imperative” by voicing their support for the protests. “I expect our members to act in a way that demonstrates Canadian Armed Forces values and ethics, and to uphold them both on and off duty,” he said.


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