Trudeau Trembles With Fear as Dad Tells Him “My Boy Died From the Vaccine, F**k You!”

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Trudeau confronted by angry dad who tells him his son died from the vaccine

An emotionally distressed father who lost his 17-year-old son due to a Covid jab slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for failing to warn the people of Canada about the lethal dangers of the experimental vaccines.

In a video posted to Twitter Sunday, Dan Hartman addressed recent comments by Trudeau claiming he never insulted members of the Canadian Freedom Convoy earlier this year.

“Yeah, you did!” Hartman told Trudeau, adding that Trudeau should tell vaccine maker Pfizer, “Fuck you, Pfizer. The deal’s off. You’re hurting my people.”

“I know people personally that would maybe forgive you who hate you right now,” the angry dad, who started the hashtag #Answers4Sean, continued to tell Trudeau.

“But no, you just keep pushing it, don’t you? You won’t fucking admit that one single person has died from the vaccine, will ya?! You won’t even tell the truth,” he yelled, adding, “Tell the fucking truth!”

“My boy is dead from your vaccine! Fuck you!” the irate father bellowed before storming off. reports: The circumstances behind Hartman’s son Sean’s death were detailed on a GiveSendGo page:

Dan Hartman lost his only son Sean Hartman at the age of 17. Sean was found deceased on his bedroom floor. No cause of death was found. 

Last week, Trudeau appeared to acknowledge his negative response earlier this year toward the Freedom Convoy trucker protest, a movement of Canadians demonstrating against the country’s Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, but he pushed back against claims he called the demonstrators names which evoked deep resentment toward him from Canadians.

“I did not call people who were unvaccinated names,” Trudeau insisted last Friday. “I highlighted, (that) there is a difference between people who are hesitant to get vaccinated for any range of reasons, and people who deliberately spread misinformation that puts at risk the life and health of their fellow Canadians.”

Back in Sept. 2021, however, as the Freedom Convoy was beginning to take shape, Trudeau referred to members of the movement as “racists” and “misogynists,” while refusing to acknowledge the protests as legitimate.

“Yes, there is a small, fringe element in this country that is angry, that doesn’t believe in science, that is lashing out with racist, misogynistic attacks, but Canadians, the vast majority of Canadians, are not represented by them,” Trudeau said at the time.

“And I know we’ll not allow those voices, those special interest groups, those protesters — I don’t even want to call them protesters, those anti-vaxxer mobs — to dictate how this country gets through this pandemic and how we recover our economy free from lockdowns, where people go back to work and back to doing the things they want to do and keep our kids safe,” he continued.


    • Sorry chump, Trudeau forced the vax on Canadians. The young man was most likely forced to take the vax in order to go to school and play hockey. You are truly an idiot.

      • Don’t care. Government can’t force anything you refuse. They didn’t show up at his house and hold him down and inject him. The parents complied and the poor kid died. I have a ten year old and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect him. So school and hockey are more important than being alive. Are you one of the idiotic Canucks that voted for a communist?

        • That was the most ridiculous statement I have ever read. Not everyone keeps up with current events like they should, look at all of the people here in the US that were duped into taking the jab. Should we blame them? Or should we put the blame squarely where it belongs; on Fauci, Birks, Gates, Joe Biden and the rest of his thug regime of demonrats? If Trudeau (Castro jr) and his band of murdering thugs hadn’t forced this poison on an unsuspecting populace, the young man would be alive.

          Why are you defending the communist Trudeau (Castro jr)? You are blaming the victim and defending a sissy, wimp, moron, communist PM. Are you sure you weren’t one of the idiotic Canadians who voted for the communist?

          • Castro Jr is trash, so are the others you mentioned. And yes, the lemmings in the US have no one but themselves to blame. Kids were never in any danger and no one should trust the government. Knowledge of current events has nothing to do with being foolish enough to give your child an untested, unproven, experimental drug.

          • You know that and I know that, but obviously the vast majority of people in the west do not. I cannot blame them for the evil of the government.
            By knowledge of current events, I mean knowing enough about a particular subject, in this case the fake plandemic and poisonous “vaccines” to know not to take them. They were told it was tested, they were told it was proven and they were told it was not experimental. How many people buckled when faced with the decision to take the vax of lose their jobs? It never ceases to amaze me just how many DO trust the government.

            So, are you giving all of the evil doers a complete pass for attempting genocide and blaming all of the sheep for falling for their lies?

          • I do see your point and I get it. But my point is that ultimately our children are our responsibility and all avenues should be exhausted to protect them.

          • No… people were willfully ignorant. The ones that “didn’t know” did not want to know. They chastised and ridiculed those of us who tried to warn them. They didn’t demand to see the data, the 2-months of trials [LOL], they didn’t ask about the blank inserts, nothing… they just wanted Big Brother to save them from the big scary flu at all costs. Now you expect those of us who stood up and risked everything to fight this and to defend our children… you expect us to pity these weak, brainless jellyfish? Sorry pal. Ain’t gonna happen.

          • You are a true paragon of virtue, too bad everybody hasn’t reached the apex you have of intelligence, wisdom, enlightenment and logic. I am so glad you blame the victims instead of the perpetrators, nice.

          • Don’t hate on me if you were too big of a pu$$y to stand up and defend your kids against what was basically just propaganda… and now you are butt hurt that you are being called out on it. I was/am ready to die defending my children… too bad you were not. Enjoy the decline pal… you earned it.

          • Where do you get off lying and putting words in my mouth to suit your agenda? You haven’t called me out on anything, all you’ve done is prove what a lying coward you are.

          • you need to reexamine your own logic. not everyone is a lemming for taking the jab. people should be able to trust their own government and the medical profession. perhaps you disagree with that. either way, my guess is your a very cynical fucked up person and dont get out much. watch a lot of youtube is my guess.

          • Keep guessing. Cynicism is quite healthy where government is concerned. What people should be able to trust and what they can trust is the problem. There is no government on this planet that should be trusted on it’s face. And anyone that ever had a history class knows this. You Tube that.

          • Ditto… actually the whole point of the original US “Bill of Rights” is that it is based on zero trust for the gov… it is all designed to limit the government’s power… not to “grant rights”.

          • Based on your comment, you are not a lemming… you are just an id10t. Seriously… “people should be able to trust their own government” LOL… are you kidding me? Based on what historical precedent? All they do is lie, poison you, take your rights, and steal your money. That is all they have ever done. Only total m0r0ns trust the gov and the big pharm “medical profession”. Only people who willfully ignore decades/centuries of evidence.

          • This whole thing was assisted suicide from the Very Beginning. “All are Guilty, All will be Punished”!

        • But the Canadian government has been forcing people to take the shot. Are you completely uninformed of reality?
          Trudeau is a dick tator…

          • Exactly, I’ve yet to hear of anyone that was held down and injected against their will. They chose to take it. Nothing is more important than your health.

          • Ditto. The only footage I have seen of anyone being held down and force-injected were the poor little children who were taken in by their parents for the pois0n d3ath sh0t… not unlike the “father” that is the subject of this story.

        • I absolutely agree with one thing… this father failed to protect his son. Period. Yes, all the govs were criminals, but the dad complied, injected his kid, didn’t put up a fight, and his son is now dead because of it.

        • People who trust the Synagogue of Satan are greedy, stupid, self-decieving, and possibly Satanically possessed themselves.

          But the “Jewish Century” has been imposed gradually and in stages. And it’s been imposed by Anglo-Zionist authorities, for example their latest chapter in the Great Game against Russia — war being waged by ((Zelensky)) and Ukraine.

          We need to totally reevaluate the history we’ve been taught in light of the fact that the Synagogue of Satan is real and has been doing its worst for a long, long time.

          Once you acknowledge the Synagogue of Satan is real, you have to go to war against it if you identify yourself as a human being with a soul and a conscience, and not an “kid” for the ((jews)) and their stooges to sacrifice.

          I wonder of this father is now willing to name the ((jew)), or if he’s going to continue to live as an animal who allowed the ((jews)) to sacrifice his son, like so many Americans soldiers were sacrificed in their “war on Islamofascism” based on the ZOG inside job.

      • They did not “force” anything. They threatened, coerced, fired, stole, segregated, isolate, demonized and otherwise psychologically bullied people. But I didn’t see anyone pinned to the ground and have a needle thrust in their arm… at least not on a wide scale. Not justifying what they did, but saying “forced” is not accurate. Only the weak and the stup1d succumbed to the duress. The strong and the smart knew better.

          • And it appears Bunce is a synonym for pu$$y… ya know, a guy too weak and spineless to defend his own kids.

          • It appears Not-a-Stein is a moron because I never said that you lying coward. You kind will turn and run at the first sign of trouble, internet tough guy.

    • Except kids can’t go to school without it dude, people needed it for work too, so who are you trying to kid

      • Homeschooling. Protect your children. If the government decided you can only have two kids, but you have four, would anyone just decide what two to euthanize because they’ll lose their job?

      • Such a lame excuse… that was the case everywhere. We pulled our kids out of school and homeschooled them. I told my employer to f-off and threatened to sue them. I stood my ground to protect my kids. There is nothing I wouldn’t have done to protect them. You obviously didn’t. God have mercy on you.

    • You must not realize how the Canadian government has bullied and threatened people to comply with all mandates. What rock did you crawl out from under?

        • I agree in principle. Yet Governments can do most anything to the individual and through coercion of one type or another gain most every ‘cooperation’. Increasingly coercion by government includes the use of force. With saturated propaganda and including in schools the use of force is less necessary..

          • Yes… coercion is illegal per Nuremberg… no one is advocating for coercion to be legitimized. What we are saying is that the father should have protected his child at all costs. I protected my kids, and many others did too. I am saying the father is also responsible for leading his kid to slaughter.

      • We were all bullied and threatened. I was threatened by my employer, my kids school and even by my own family. The difference is some of us had the baIIs to do the right thing in the face of tyr4nny and psychosis, and others didn’t.

    • Thanks for the needed clarification.. let me ask; do you think Fidel Castro would have rounded up Cubans and forced them to take the Jabs? or not allowed them to work without the Jabs? Thanks.

    • I actually agree in part with the original poster… yes, our gov’s are all corrupt, and Trudeau, Biden and the rest are all guilty of globocide. However, the father is also guilty for injecting his minor son. He was either stup1d or c0wardly, or both. I am ready to protect my children, at all costs, to the death if needed. This man was not.

  1. The trudope foundation takes kickbacks on each clotshot used, guaranteed. This twit of a leader probably just took the virtue-signaled placebo on tv. He needs to be put on a lie detector but I bet the paper isn’t wide enough for his bs

    • His head needs to be put in a noose, right after he is found guilty of crimes against humanity.

      Her comes the verdict….. GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. Sentence to be carried out immediately.

  2. Vanguard controls Pfizer and Black Rock controls Vanguard. But the Jesuits run the Shriners really. It’s very clever to have the Shrinets only use the Koran as their text, but it’s also very typical. Thou Shall not Get Caught. Dustbin Trousseau s just a messenger boy from a good family to them One of the connected ancient families given the good jobs.
    It’s interesting to note that Hilariers cousin in England runs the adoption centres or has access somehow through that arena to children and also is a fanatical genealogist.

  3. That is the real reason Trudeau wants to ban guns. He is afraid of people who lost family and friends because Trudeau murdered them with mandates and paying CBC to push lies.

  4. “Yes, there is a small, fringe element in this country that is angry, that doesn’t believe in science, that is lashing out with racist, misogynistic attacks, but Canadians, the vast majority of Canadians, are not represented by them,” Trudeau said at the time.’

    Trudeau is projecting his own Anglo‐Zionist ((Cousinhood)) ideology — responsible for the slave trade — onto all Canadians.

    He’s the small, fringe element… of Satanists.

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