U.S. Moves Nuclear Weapons To Germany For Potential War With Russia

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US move nuclear weapons to Germany to use against Russia

The U.S. are going to transport 20 new nuclear bombs, each one four times more powerful than the one used on Hiroshima, to Germany. 

The bombs will allow the U.S. more “options” when it comes to any potential future conflict with Russia.

A former Parliamentary State Secretary, Willy Wimmer, warned that these “new attack options against Russia” would act as  “a conscious provocation of our Russian neighbors.

Globalresearch.ca reports:

German Economic News also reports on Chancellor Merkel’s decision to allow these terror-weapons against Russia: “The Bundestag decided in 2009, expressing the will of most Germans, that the US should withdraw its nuclear weapons from Germany. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel did nothing.” And now she okays the U.S. to increase America’s German-based nuclear arsenal against Russia.

Maria Zakharova, of the Russian Foreign Ministry, says: “This is an infringement of Articles 1 and 2 of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons,” which is the treaty that provides non-nuclear states the assurance that the existing nuclear powers will not try to use their nuclear status so as to take over the world.

German Economic News says:

“The federal government had demanded the exact opposite: The Bundestag decided in March 2010 by a large majority, that the federal government should ‘press for the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany.’ Even the coalition agreement between the CDU and FDP, the German government in 2009 had promised the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Büchel. But instead there will be these new bombs.”