Ukrainian Woman Pleads For Help From Outside World

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An injured Ukrainian woman from the east of the country pleads with the world for help after witnessing her family get torn apart by shelling from government controlled western Ukraine during last summer.

She is a Ukrainian living in her own country and does not understand why President Poroshenko is killing his own people, just because they want autonomy from the Neo-Con led, Neo-Nazi influenced western Ukraine.

Russia Insider reports: If This Video Doesn’t End the War in Ukraine, Nothing Will

The war in East Ukraine is routinely presented in western mainstream media as a humanitarian tragedy in which both sides are guilty of harming civilians, but this is, in fact, not true.

The reality is, it has been a very one-sided affair with the Ukrainian side deliberately shelling and individually terrorizing defenseless civilians, in a calculated effort to lure Russia into a larger conflict, a cynical and vicious strategy condoned and egged on by neo-con elements in the US and the EU.

If the general public in Europe and America knew what was happening they would never allow it, but they do so only because the media, also dominated by neo-con views, has not reported the situation honestly.

Russia Insider YouTube video:

The rebels have never engaged in this sort of criminal warfare, and in all likelihood, never would, because it requires a particularly venal world view to perpetrate something like this, and most people simply would not do it. Neo-cons and neo-nazis can push this sort of thing – most people could not bring themselves to do it.

In addition, it is the Ukrainian side which has attacked the East, and not the other way around. The reason they attacked was to stop a secession movement, which in its essence is not disimilar to secession movements in Scotland, Spain, and elsewhere.

Thus to paint this as a battle between equally reprehensible sides doing equally inhuman things to one another is a crude misrepresentation, but this is exactly the picture that the media have conveyed.

If anything, it is the Ukrainian side which has been presented as in the right, a preposterous inversion of the truth. It is only the Poroshenko led Ukrainian side which has acted reprehensibly.

The heartbreaking video above of a civilian victim, by now one of thousands, describing what happened to her and her family.

That the mainstream media is not reporting the true nature of this conflict is a journalistic failure of historic proportions, and it is no exaggeration to say that they have been criminally negligent. The only two examples over the past decade which compare are the shoddy reporting that allowed the US to enter into the Vietnam war and the Iraq war.

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