Harvard Scientists Discover Age Reversing Chemicals That Will Become ‘Found of Youth’ Pill

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Harvard scientists creating fountain of youth pill

Harvard researchers have discovered a chemical cocktail that they say can reverse ageing – a discovery that will result in a “Fountain of Youth” pill.

Harvard researcher David Sinclair published the findings in the July issue of the medical journal Aging, in a series of Twitter posts last week.

“We’ve previously shown age reversal is possible using gene therapy to turn on embryonic genes,” he declared. “Now we show it’s possible with chemical cocktails, a step towards affordable whole-body rejuvenation.”

Nypost.com reports: Each chemical cocktail contained between five and seven agents, many of which are known to treat other physical and mental disorders. 

Prescription-only medications such as Valproic acid, Tranylcypromine and Pramipexole, for example, appear in several of the cocktails and have successfully been used to treat seizures, depression and Parkinson’s, respectively. 

The genetics professor and author of the book “Lifespan” went on to explain that he and his team at Harvard Medical School worked for over three years to find molecules that can combine to reverse cellular aging and rejuvenate human cells.

Through experiments on mice and monkeys, they were successful in identifying six chemical cocktails that can “reverse” visual signs of aging “in less than a week,” Sinclair said.

“Studies on the optic nerve, brain tissue, kidney, and muscle have shown promising results, with improved vision and extended lifespan in mice and, recently, in April of this year, improved vision in monkeys,” he said.

He noted they are preparing for human clinical trials of the therapy, and acknowledged that other researchers are also in the race “to show chemicals can rejuvenate cells like gene therapy can.”

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