“We Must Start Planning For A Permanent Pandemic” Bloomberg Article Warns

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An op-ed by Andreas Kluth claiming that new covid-19 variants means that the pandemic will remain ‘permanent’, was published by Bloomberg on Wednesday.

Kluth argues hat the idea that the world will go “back to normal” is “almost certainly wrong”. He says that there will be an “endless cycle” of restrictions as covid becomes “our permanent enemy….. like the flu but worse.”

The op-ed finishes by claiming that “our Brave New World needn’t be dystopian”, but “it won’t look anything like the old world.”

Summit News reports: The author cites “the ongoing emergence of new variants that behave almost like new viruses” which means that “we may never achieve herd immunity” because current vaccines are “powerless against the coming mutations.”

“If this is the evolutionary trajectory of SARS-CoV-2, we’re in for seemingly endless cycles of outbreaks and remissions, social restrictions and relaxations, lockdowns and reopenings,” says Kluth. “At least in rich countries, we will probably get vaccinated a couple of times a year, against the latest variant in circulation, but never fast or comprehensively enough to achieve herd immunity.”

Despite the fact the global population has been hit with worse pandemics which at the time it had far less medical expertise to deal with and eventually got over them, Kluth somehow thinks that won’t be the case with COVID.

Kluth is by no means the first to suggest that the pandemic won’t end for years if ever.

In his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, World Economic Forum globalist Klaus Schwab asserts that the world will “never” return to normal, despite him admitting that coronavirus “doesn’t pose a new existential threat.”

A senior U.S. Army official also said that mask wearing and social distancing will become permanent, while CNN’s international security editor Nick Paton Walsh asserted that the mandatory wearing of masks will become “permanent,” “just part of life,” and that the public would need to “come to terms with it.”

Earlier this week, we highlighted the comments of Mary Ramsay, the head of immunisation at Public Health England, who said that restrictions would remain in place for years.

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