Wilthsire Swastika Crop Circle ‘Not Nazi Symbol’

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A crop circle in the shape of a huge ‘Nazi’ swastika appeared in a farmer’s field this week in Wilthsire, England.

Experts say the crop circle is not a Nazi symbol but an ancient sign of peace given to earthlings by extraterrestrial beings.

The BBC reports:

When the 180 ft wide formation was spotted in a field in Beckhampton earlier this week, the farmer was reported to have concerns about its potentially sinister connections.

Now the International Raelian Movement, which believes humans were created by extraterrestrial beings, has dispelled that idea.

Raelian guide Thomas Kaenzig said: “The swastika is indeed originally an extraterrestrial symbol since it comes from our extraterrestrial creators who told us it represents infinity in time.

“And since all ancient cultures related to our creators, the swastika can be found all over the world as a symbol.”

The swastika was used for thousands of years before it was adopted by the Nazis, with almost every culture in the world once seeing it as a symbol of good fortune.

crop circle

Is it a Nazi symbol or Indian symbol of positivity?

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