Only 14 MP’s Attended Parliamentary Debate About Extreme Poverty In The UK

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Ending poverty doesn’t seem to be top on the list of  priorities for British MPs.

Only 14 of them bothered to show up to debate a UN report that urged the government to address the growing problem of extreme poverty across the country.

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Children, Emma Lewell-Buck, who hosted the debate, said that 14 million people across the UK were living in poverty. She and accused the government of inflicting “degradation, shame and harm” on the poorest in society.

RT reports: MPs were supposed to debate the findings of a United Nations report on ‘Extreme Poverty and Human Rights in Northern Ireland’ on Monday, but the House of Commons remained almost empty as the debate got underway.

Labour MP Liz McInnes, who did show up, accused the Conservative Party government of showing disdain towards the poor and said that the United States had shown similar disinterest when the UN highlighted poverty there.

“I know that we have a special relationship with the United States, but I think it shames us all that we share that disdain,”McInnes said.

UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty Professor Philip Alston said in November that the level of poverty in the UK risked causing damage to “the fabric of British society” and accused the Conservative government of favoring policies that compounded poverty levels in one of the richest countries in the world. The report said that the level of child poverty in particular in Britain was “not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster.”

Alston said that while the British government focuses on an impending exit from the European Union, it has treated poverty as an “afterthought” — an accusation which seems to be supported by the minimal attendance at Monday’s debate.

There was no sign of Theresa May or even new Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, who sent a junior minister in her place.

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