Gov. Cuomo: We’ll SUE If Trump Issues Order That Puts New Yorkers in ‘Danger’

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatens to sue government if they put New Yorkers in danger

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened to sue the Trump administration if they issue an order that jeopardizes the health of New Yorkers.

Appearing on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Cuomo argued that President Trump does not have the authority to make states reopen.

Cuomo warned, “if he tried an edict from the White House that put the people of the state of New York in jeopardy or violated what I thought was in their best interest, from a public health point of view, we would just be off to a lawsuit. And that’s the only way this really horrendous situation could get worse, is if you now see a war between the federal government and the states.”