9/11 WTC Building Covertly Wired For Demolition (Video)

Fact checked
Video shows WTC being wired for demolition pre-9/11 attacks

On the weekend immediately preceding the 9/11 attacks, security cameras were powered down and the normal patrols with bomb sniffing dogs were curtailed. “That’s an indisputable fact,” says Brasscheck TV on Sunday.

The question of the century is: Was one single weekend enough time for the two towers (and WTC 7) to be wired for demolition?

Covert wiring for demolition is a common tactic used by special military forces, according to a source.

Another source, a photographer, says that the Twin Towers were built with demolition in mind. The planned crime was ten years in the making.

The video below answers how they could have rigged the towers within 9 hours and disproves the impossible theory that the planes and office fires had anything to do with the global implosions.

“As soon as I learned the North Tower had been hit, all I could think of was that I had personally seen the faces of those directly in charge of this operation,” Tom Gordon told Deborah Dupre in an exclusive interview.