Rep. Adam Schiff Greets Ukraine Neo-Nazis in US Capitol: “They Are So Brave”

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Adam Schiff greets neo-nazis at US capitol

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff invited neo-Nazis serving in Ukraine’s Azov Battalion to the U.S. Capitol on Monday.

A viral photo posted on Twitter shows Schiff approaching a couple of nazi Azov soldiers wearing black suits and some Ukrainian military women visiting the Capitol Monday. reports: Posted by Daria Kaleniuk, the assistant director of a Ukrainian activist group called Anti-Corruption Action Centre, the caption of the picture reads, “The most emotional moment was when we suddenly met released Azov soldiers right inside the main hall on the Capitol Hill.”

Kaleniuk was visiting the Capitol with a delegation of female Ukrainian soldiers sent to beg U.S. politicians for additional high-tech weaponry to be provided by America.

One Twitter user commented on the photo of the Azov fighters greeting Schiff, writing, “MAGA Americans were accused of being Nazis and were shot and killed in Capitol Hill. Meanwhile literal Nazis are being emotionally welcomed in Capitol Hill. Makes sense.”

Popular conservative commentator Jack Posobiec wrote, “Oh,” in response to this accurate observation.

It’s not clear what the Azov fighters were doing at the Capitol, but the hypocrisy of the image should infuriate all Americans.

While average Trump supporters are painted by the media and left-wing politicians as dangerous extremists, actual Nazi fighters sporting swastika tattoos and a multitude of other Nazi symbols are given tours of the Capitol by U.S. politicians.

The strong Nazi presence in Ukraine has been intentionally downplayed by Western media who understand the fact wouldn’t go over well with most citizens.

Just last week a Ukrainian battle tank was filmed with a big Swastika spray-painted on its side during a German television interview.

The week prior, an image published by the presidential office of Ukraine showed President Volodymyr Zelensky posing with a Ukrainian soldier in the background wearing a Nazi patch in the same town of Izium where the swastika clip was filmed.

The skull and crossbones patch is the same as a logo used by Hitler’s 3rd SS Panzer Division ‘Totenkopf’ during World War II, only it has been updated to have the skull wearing headphones.

After the image went viral, Zelensky’s office altered the set of photos from his trip to Izium and removed the image of the armed guard wearing the SS-style patch altogether.

The American left is openly aligning itself with Nazis while painting its domestic political opposition is Nazis who present a danger to democracy.


  1. These displays sicken me.. let Schiff pose with the corpses and families of US mercs sent to Ukraine and with the homeless and those without clean drinking water while he sends $ Billions to Ukraine. He and this campaign are a total loss to America.

    • US mercs were never sent to Ukraine.
      They went voluntarily for the $$$ to fight alongside a CIA installed Nazi regime that murders women and children.
      Biden, Soros, Hillary support Ukraine 1000% and sent nearly $100 BILLION of your taxes there to be laundered as usual.
      Why mourn those Blackwater/Academi merc hired killers?
      They are your enemy.
      Good riddance to them and hope the CIA goes the same way.

      • “US mercs were never sent to Ukraine.” I’m sure reports on the ground suggest they were and are. Otherwise We are in close agreement. Cheers.

  2. What a, load of crap Ukraines got billions in. Funding and arms and weapons being poured into it to fuel the war the nato team wants. They’ve got nato backing them . Russia hasn’t got a chance. Its obvious.

  3. Make no mistake our ‘leaders’ want total War if only to preserve their positions. Americans are subjected to this insane propaganda 24/7. Just now Washington has sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines.. It’s a real War, folks.

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