Leaked FBI Memo Proves Seth Rich Talked To WikiLeaks

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Leaked FBI memo proves Seth Rich leaked DNC documents to WikiLeaks

A leaked internal FBI memo confirms that murdered DNC whistleblower Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks in the weeks prior to his death. 

Earlier this week, Jog Biggs from BAM published the leaked memo which clearly has the words “WikiLeaks”, “DNC” and “Seth Rich” typed on it.

Realconservativetruth.com reports: So read the memo below, Yes it is heavily redacted, But it looks to be the first card pulled from the foundation of the house of cards put up by the DNC and LEFT Liberal Media. I’ve reached out to the source on their twitter account today, and had a short DM conversation with this source. I asked very pointed questions only that REAL Fox News source would know, And he was able to satisfy my curiosity.  This Fox News source goes by the handle WhySprTech. But let me back up a bit, Let me tell you why it is I believe this source.

After the Pulse Night Club shooting, Fox News published a story that the wife of Omar Mateen was facing a Secret Grand Jury, Fox News asked the US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida and the FBI to comment, But they declined claiming on going investigation etc.

The Left and FAKE NEWS Liberal media started attacking Malia Zimmermans story claiming that it was false and that the source was false, Fast forward today and we find the source was accurate even down to what Mrs.Mateen would be Indicted for.

This source broke the discrepancy in time between the FBI reporting a Glock 22 .40 caliber firearm was (Lost, Stolen, Misplaced). The AP reported one time, as the FBI Reported yet another. Another unknown fact in the case was the weapon used to shoot Seth Rich.  Fox News held the info and didn’t allow their reporters to publish this story on the gun alone. The same night they restrained Sean Hannity from talking about the matter until further notice.

So my gut tells me this source is correct again, Only time will tell, When and if we come across any of the other documents reportedly held by this source we will update this story as well as publish the breaking news. Read the Memo below and don’t believe every shill, doubter, and propagandist that will try to discredit these leaks. Think about their motivation.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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