Expert Says Russian Plane A321 May Have Been Hijacked

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An expert has suggested that the Russian plane that crashed in the Sinai in Egypt may have been hijacked

A former chairman of the International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) has come forward saying that a hijacker was responsible for the Russian plane crash on Saturday in the Sinai Peninsula. 

Russian Airbus A321 killed everyone on board, including 25 children, and as yet no official explanation has been given as to what caused the crash.

According to Dale Leppard, an explosive device may have been aboard the aircraft, as well as somebody controlling the plane who was not supposed to.

Speaking with Sputnik News, Leppard said, “The report that the aircraft was alternatively climbing and descending rapidly might indicate that there were severe control problems with the aircraft, or that someone other than the pilot had taken over and was trying to crash the aircraft“. reports:

Leppard, who has been involved in aircraft accident investigations for over 45 years, and has acted as a consultant in such matters for over 40 years, added that, “it does appear that the aircraft was coming apart well before it struck the ground, as they found bodies and wreckage as far away as three miles from the crash site,” meaning the scenario of an explosive device having been planted on the plane should not be ruled out.

A report based on the flight data recorders recovered from the crashed Russian Kogalymavia A321 could take from between one and four weeks to prepare, spokesman for the Egyptian government Hossam Kawish said Tuesday.

The tragedy has become the largest civilian aircraft disaster in Russian and Soviet history.

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