VIDEO: Millennials – 30% Would Sell An Organ To Pay Off Student Loans

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A shocking new survey from MyBankTracker has discovered that 30% of millennials would be willing and ready to sell an organ (or more) to pay off their student loans.

From GeoBeats News:

As many as 30 percent of millennials are so desperate to get rid of their student loans that they would be willing to sell an organ to do so. And 38 percent would agree to take part in a questionable medical study.

These are two of the findings released by the website MyBankTracker which surveyed 200 of its readers this past summer to determine how far they would go to erase their school-related debt. In terms of other extreme measures, 55 percent would turn their lives into a reality show. However, the participants had their limits, as only 43 percent would be willing to sell half their belongings.

And sixty-eight percent would reportedly refuse to join active duty in the military. In an interview with Forbes, the website’s co-founder noted, “I don’t think they’re making drastic decisions or would take drastic measures – but what it does tell me is that they’d rather get rid of their debt quicker than adapting to it over time and making it part of your day to day reality.”

The median age of the respondents was 32, and their student loan debt averaged about $34,500 per person.

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