World Economic Forum: Save The Planet – Starve The People

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Founded in the early ‘70s by German economist and social engineer Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum has emerged as the head of the snake of the liberal world order, now consisting of 1,000 powerhouse member companies and global elites that meet annually in Davos, Switzerland to discuss their dystopian plans for “global redesign.”

Founded in the early ‘70s by German economist and social engineer Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum has emerged as the head of the snake of the liberal world order, now consisting of 1,000 powerhouse member companies and global elites that meet annually in Davos, Switzerland to discuss their dystopian plans for “global redesign.”

Listing the WEF’s partner organizations and political allies would take hours. So here is a quick summary. Nearly every left-wing political leader, highly influential corporation, company, and institution is a part of the WEF.

The WEF continually shares creepy and dystopian messaging which promote a “one size fits all” future if we all just conform to their globalist ideals. There’s just one problem. The future they are promoting is a vision of hell. The fact is they hate ordinary people and they want us to go away.

How else to explain the human misery they are promoting in the name of saving the earth? Make no mistake, Klaus Schwab and the elites will not be happy until we are all eating insects and bugs.

And that’s not hyperbole. The World Economic Forum has devoted countless videos and articles promoting insects and bugs. Make no mistake, they are desperate to take meat away from us and force us to live on insects and bugs.

Not convinced you want to chow down on some insects and bugs yet? Well, dont worry, the World Economic Forum hasn’t finished convincing you yet. Last week they enlisted Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman to push their favorite cause.


If that hasn’t whet your appetite, just wait, there’s more. According to the World Ecnomic Forum, you will soon be enjoying some weeds with your insects. Bon appetit?

They really won’t be happy until we are miserable. Remember when they told us we would own nothing and be happy? They have since taken then “and you will be happy” out of the equation. That’s right, according to the World Economic Forum, you shouldn’t even dare to dream about being happy in the future.

And don’t even think about voicing your disapproval. When the elites have spoken, the thinking has been done. At least, that’s the world they are trying to create. Take a look at this extraordinary video from Davos this year, where one of Klaus Schwab’s dystopian handmaidens announced that it’s time for a “recalibration” of free speech.

According to Klaus Scwhab and his minions, there are just too many plebs out there who don’t want to own nothing, eat bugs and weeds, and accept our misery.

If you think removing free speech is dark, we have hardly scratched the surface. The World Economic Forum is planning to mind control you using sound waves. If that sounds far fetched… Well, they bragged about it themselves.

Don’t bother clicking the link, the WEF have scrubbed the link from their website. They tend to do that when their dystopian plans receive too much push back and even the normies start realizing Klaus Scwhab is the definition of a Bond villain.

It’s too late for them to delete this video though. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla appeared at Davos and bragged about an “electronic pill” that that contains a biological microchip that sends out a signal the moment you ingest the pill.

Hold on, wasn’t this once a “conspiracy theory?” We can now file this one under conspiracy fact.

Mainstream media is trying to convince us that the World Economic Forum is a benign institution working to make the world a better place.

Klaus Schwab thinks he has the right to “re-imagine and re-draw the world”.

But this is not a world that anyone would want to live in. Klaus Schwab’s left-wing authoritarian dystopia must be defied at all costs.

Showing an ounce of self-awareness for once, Klaus Schwab recently said that the global elites have to prepare for a “more angry world”.

That’s right, Klaus. We are angry. And we will not let you “re-imagine and re-draw” our future.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. the german is just getting back at the brits as the brits blocked the german ships by 1918 about a million germans died from lack of food so nothing new there BUT CHINA is now blocking trillions of dollars of international shipments goading a war and a takeover so get ready as china has a huge navy and owns about half the world now anyway,But the brits caused the germans to bug out to america or die foodless NOW these beaten down countrys will wipe us off the map

  2. The agrarian revolution and the industrial revolutions were and are a disaster for the planet. They have decimated this planets wildlife forests polluted the rivers and pisobrd the very air we breath. Then, the entire concept of humans as simple tools of the rong class that arise from thise revolutions has turned humanity into a cesspool of greedy filthy corript psychopaths always seeking wanting needing more of the unattainable satisfaction from constantly craving consumption.
    It needs to be stopped.

  3. Add the mass of crickets, individually eating then excreting waste, whereas a cow has only one larger system to ingest, digest and excrete waste. The total sum of crickets excreted a larger sum of waste then a single cow by weight. This is a fact. Their entire argument doesn’t hold water, pun intended. Conversion factor mg/lb, Mormon cricket 3,400mg, Herford 1,419lb. More waste per pound in crickets then cattle.

  4. They think they are so powerful, they are delusional, because they want to control and dominate out of fear and the deep inner knowledge that they really are in truth: pitiful worthless scum like something stuck on the bottom of a shoe.
    They are the bugs, they are as disgusting as insects.
    They cannot control and dominate us if we refuse to comply.
    If we just tell them what repugnant slimy slugs they really are.
    We all hate them. Everyone Hates the WEF and the WHO and the NWO.
    We are Free and we are not their slaves.
    They are stinking, slimy turds out of satan’s butt -hole who want to be Gods.
    They are repulsive, soulless, godless future inhabitants of unholy Hell.
    They are the only worthless, useless eaters on the planet.
    They have delusions of grandeur, and manure for brains.
    They are all disgusting reptilian dark alien antichrist scum.
    Everyone on earth will reject them and when we watch them burn, when God punishes them.
    Nothing will put out that fire. Not that anyone would even piss on them to put out that fire.
    We will all see them, just like they will be burning for all eternity, before they go to their eternal punishment.
    Every evil thing they try to do to us before the end, will just make the Hell they are going to, more horrendous.

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