Worlds Most Haunted Doll Goes Missing After Coming To Life

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world's most haunted doll goes missing

This picture is a rare photograph of one of the world’s most haunted dolls, taken from inside of one of the most haunted houses in the world. 

Audubon House, in Key West Florida, has a dark and tragic history,  as numerous sick children 200-years ago are believed to have died there during a deadly cholera epidemic.

The sick children were brought to the nursery in the house, where they would live out their last days. The doll belonged to the daughter of the home’s owner, Captain Jack Geiger.

The house was opened to the public as a museum in 1960, and the doll sat in a pram in the corner of the room. reports:

After an elaborate security system was installed, the museum manager was constantly being called back to investigate alarms tripped by movement in the house.  The activity would always be from the children’s room.  Security Staff frequently reported seeing someone or something in the window but, when they went to investigate, no-one was there.

Whenever visitors tried to take photos of the strange looking doll, they all experienced problems with their cameras. Either pictures just didn’t come out at all, or black streaks appeared.

In one instance, the back suddenly flew off a photographer’s camera, exposing the film and destroying the image.

This particular photographer, a director planning to shoot a series for the Discovery Channel, determined to disprove the story of the camera shy doll, so he returned and took more pictures.

This photo is one of them – the last to be taken of the doll.  The black streak is clearly visible.

Intrigued by this experience, the director decided to shoot the bizarre story of the doll.

But, the morning he was due to start filming, the Geiger House staff arrived and found the doll was gone.

None of the alarms had been tripped.  Nobody had been in the house.

The doll had mysteriously escaped, and has never been seen since.

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