Trudeau’s Canada: Gov’t Threatens To Kidnap and Kill Freedom Convoy Protester’s Pets

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Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian Canadian government has issued a dystopian threat to anyone involved in the peaceful Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa, warning that in addition to freezing bank accounts and towing their trucks, the government can confiscate and dispose of pets as well.

A tweet from the official account for Ottawa’s by-law and regulatory services read, “Attention animal owners at demonstration: If you are unable to care for your animal as a result of enforcement actions, your animal will placed into protective care for 8 days, at your cost. After 8 days, if arrangements are not made, your animal will be considered relinquished.

According to the disturbing tweet, the law applies to animals that are left without anyone to care for them due to law enforcement action resulting from their owners’ participation in the protests. Such an interpretation of the law opens the door for the government to remove pets from homes where they would have been well cared for if it were not for the government’s authoritarian response to the protests.

DailyWire report: A pet owner who was arrested or detained longer than eight days pursuant to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emergency powers, for example, would be unable to care for an animal while in police custody and could then be subject to this particular by-law. The by-law could also be applied to pet owners who could no longer afford to feed or care for an animal due to the government freezing bank accounts owned by protesters as well.

Once the government determined that the animals were not being cared for, the by-law indicates they can “place the animal in protective care” for eight days — and the owner would be billed for that cost. The owner’s failure to make other arrangements prior to the end of that eight-day period would result in the animal being considered “relinquished” by the owner.

The by-law did not indicate what might become of animals once they were determined to be relinquished, but critics on Twitter had a few guesses — and none of them were pleasant.

“First Fauci now the Ottawa police …” the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire tweeted in response. “Why does everyone insane about Covid also want to murder puppies?”

What happens after the animals are ‘relinquished’? You put them down?” Chris Tomlinson asked.

Oh man I thought they were gonna say after 8 days your animal will be shot…,” The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson said. “Then again maybe ‘considered relinquished’ is just left-wing authoritarian Canada-speak for ‘shot.’”

Keean Bexte added, “Holy f*** this is EVIL. Is there any way to support these dogs in the event the worst happens? Trudeau’s Emergency Powers gives them the ability to detain indefinitely.”

There is no low they wont sink to,” Michael Malice tweeted. “Now they’re threatening to take away the #FreedomConvoy2022’s pets.”

EVIL: Trudeau regime threatens to kidnap and kill the pets of freedom protestors,” David Kurten added.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. You only ever get to know what people really are beneath their masks when they reveal their hateful repulsive vomatose reality. And they only usually do that when they aren’t getting everything their own way.

  2. Truedope has to go. even if he gives up on the mandates, him and his party have to be taken down, and charge for all the crimes he has committed, or this will never end.

  3. This is beyond sick. The govt is really showing its true face now. Animals are innocent and don’t deserve this.
    I don’t even want to think about what happens to the animals when “reliquished”.

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