‘MAGA Terrorism’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Trump Voters Who Don’t Accept Election Need to Be ‘Held Accountable’

Fact checked
CNN's Jake Tapper declares that Trump supporters who refuse to accept election results need to be held to account

The absolute state of CNN.

CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper slammed “MAGA “terrorism” on Sunday and said people who dare question the 2020 election results must be held accountable.

After pushing the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax for half a decade, CNN is now telling its dwindling audience that Trump supporters need to shut the hell up about alleged irregularities during the election and embrace Biden as their president.

“If there is no accountability and no attempt by the Republican Party to stop these insane lies that have taken root in their party… This is not going to be the end of MAGA terrorism, this will only be the beginning,” Jake Tapper said.


Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Not a word from Jake Tapper about BLM-Antifa terrorists marching through DC last night chanting, “Burn it down!”

Not a word from CNN when Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters called for Republicans to be violently attacked and harassed.


Not a word from CNN when a Russian collusion truther and Bernie supporter shot up a baseball field and almost killed GOP Rep. Steve Scalise.