Liz Cheney: Massive Criminal Investigation Into Trump’s Hateful Conduct

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Liz Cheney threatens massive criminal investigation into Trump if she finds he provoked violence

Anti-Trump GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney told Fox News on Sunday that there is a “massive criminal investigation underway” into Trump’s role in inciting violence in the Capitol on Jan 6.

When asked if she would vote to convict Trump at the upcoming impeachment trial, Cheney said:

“If I was in the Senate, I would listen to the evidence. I think that is the role the Senate has as jurors. I would also point out that the Senate trial is a snapshot. There’s a massive criminal investigation underway. There will be a massive criminal investigation of everything that happened on Jan. 6 and in the days before.”

She added, “People will want to know exactly what the president was doing. They will want to know, for example, if the tweet he sent out calling Vice President Pence a coward while the attack was underway, whether that tweet, for example, was a premeditated effort to provoke violence. There are a lot of questions that have to be answered, and there will be many, many criminal investigations looking at every aspect of this and everyone who was involved as there should be.”

“We’ve never seen that kind of assault by a president of the United States on another branch of government, and that can never happen again.”



  1. Too rid7culo7s for words . Not even vaguely newsworthy .Just another glaring example of their outrageous hypocrisy .

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