Twitter Suspends James Woods Over Retweet Of Hoax Anti-Democrat Meme

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Twitter claim satirical meme could "impact an election"

Actor James Woods has slammed Twitter after the social media giant locked him out of his account over a satirical meme he posted two months ago.

Twitter told Woods that he had violated the platform’s rules with the meme, which very clearly parodies a Democratic advertisement campaign, and was asked to delete the offending tweet.

Woods said he would not delete the tweet, saying, “Free speech is free speech — it’s not Jack Dorsey’s version of free speech.”

The hoax meme claimed to come from the Democrats and encouraged men not to vote in the midterm elections. Woods acknowledged the meme was probably not real when he shared it, but none the less Twitter told him it still had the “potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election”.

Zero Hedge reports: The offending tweet from July 20, features three millennial-aged men with “nu-male smiles” and text that reads “We’re making a Woman’s Vote Worth more by staying home.” Above it, Woods writes “Pretty scary that there is a distinct possibility this could be real. Not likely, but in this day and age of absolute liberal insanity, it is at least possible.”

According to screenshots provided by an associate of Woods’, Twitter directed the actor to delete the post on the grounds that it contained “text and imagery that has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.”

In other words, James Woods, who has approximately 1.72 million followers, was suspended because liberals who don’t identify as women might actually take the meme seriously and not vote.

In a statement released through associate Sara Miller, Woods said “You are a coward, @Jack,” referring to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. “There is no free speech for Conservatives on @Twitter.”

Earlier this month, Woods opined on the mass-platform ban of Alex Jones, tweeting: ““I’ve never read Alex Jones nor watched any of his video presence on the internet. A friend told me he was an extremist. Believe me that I know nothing about him. That said, I think banning him from the internet is a slippery slope. This is the beginning of real fascism. Trust me.”


  1. Every person on the planet would benefit from the extermination of leftism, and removing all the leftards from society for re-education.

    • You’ve spent too much time doing cold turkey or sucking through bad copper pipes man, you need to change tack; left or right dose not matter, only truth and lies matter in this respect.

    • I agree in part, but to act like conservatives don’t pose an equal danger is ignorance. As a result of conservative “action”, we now live in this society where liberals T-bag conservatives and end up being right half the time. Guess they’re not much better!

  2. i believe that democracy is such that basically it is the will of the people who should be determining the platform of standards , not an elitist minority of board members or owners of social media giants , whose positron seems to be one of simply becoming totalitarian Bullies in disguise.Who in Law gave them the right to overide the Law as regards what is legal or illegal postings or beliefs or attitudes in the first place ?Where do they get the right to act as Judge and Jury over public behaviour?Why isnt any lawyer anywhere shouting about it ?Whose pulling the puppets strings or has the cat got their tongue?

  3. President Trump has been lambasting companies like Google and
    Facebook for their egregious and overbearing attacks on freedom of
    speech, particularly their censorship of conservatives.

    In August, the President stated, “I think that Google and Twitter and
    Facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and
    they have to be careful. It is not fair to large portions of the

    In another statement, Trump accused Big Tech of “silencing millions of people.”
    “With respect to Google and Twitter and Facebook there is a big
    difference. And in fact I hear that they are holding hearings in
    Congress over the next couple of weeks and I think it’s a very serious
    problem because they are really trying to silence a very large part of
    this country and those people don’t want to be silenced. It’s not right.
    It’s not fair. It may not be legal.”

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