8 Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Dead One Month After Attack

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One month has passed since the Las Vegas shooting and now eight survivors claiming the official narrative is wrong have wound up dead.

One month has passed since the Las Vegas shooting and we still do not have answers about what happened in the Mandalay Bay that night, or why eight eyewitness survivors, plus one high profile attorney, have wound up dead.

The official narrative stinks so badly that mainstream media outlets have been forced by their viewers to begin questioning the event. An alliance of mainstream media outlets are now suing authorities in Nevada for covering-up the truth about what happened during the Las Vegas shooting, demanding officials turn over law enforcement records relating to the massacre that left 58 people dead.

But mainstream media is playing catch up. Alternative media and independent investigative journalists have been responsible for pursuing the truth about what happened in Vegas on October 1, and shining a light on the major cover up taking place before our very eyes.

A staggering eight survivors, eyewitnesses and a legal attorney representing key players in the Las Vegas shooting have died in suspicious circumstances. Others are missing. What are the odds on eight people dying, the majority of them very young, in such a short space of time? The odds would be astronomical.

The fact is all of those eight people, every single one of them, had one thing in common, other than being there during the shooting, or having inside information. They all had information on the attack that contradicts the official narrative.

Let’s take a look at each of these victims one by one and examine their conflicting versions of what happened in Las Vegas on October 1.

Dennis and Lorraine Carver

Dennis and Lorraine Carver have become the latest victims of the Las Vegas shooting conspiracy, after being engulfed by flames in their car just meters from their home.

The most recent eyewitnesses to die were Dennis and Lorraine Carver, a married couple from California. Their car suddenly veered off the road outside their home and crashed into a gate, exploding into a fireball on impact, killing both of them instantly. A spokesman for the local fire authority said it took fire fighters over one hour to extinguish the blaze.

After escaping from the Las Vegas shooting intact, they later explained how they were lucky to be alive. Mrs. Carver described how her husband protected her from the “shooters” by shielding them inside a beer refrigerator until it was safe to run away.

After managing to escape, Lorraine posted updates on Facebook to let friends and family know they were OK, saying: “I think the shooters have gone.” Other than saying there were “shooters” during the attack, the Carvers weren’t perhaps as vocal as some other witnesses, and you could perhaps write off their death as a bizarre coincidence if it wasn’t for the loss of Mr. Carver’s phone.

Suspicions surrounding the real nature of their death was raised when, one week after the fatal crash, the couple’s eldest daughter, Brooke Carver, received an item carrying memories of her 52-year-old father through the post.

During the confusion of the shooting, he had lost his phone that was full of photos and videos from the night of the attack. His phone had somehow ended up in the FBI’s possession, but a Las Vegas agent promised to ship the phone back to him.

“When we turned it on, all his photos and messages were still there,” Brooke said.

The question is why did the FBI take three weeks to return the phone?

As has been widely reported, the phones and laptops of eyewitnesses were confiscated and wiped by the FBI, so why was Mr. Carver’s phone returned seemingly intact?

Brooke Carver says “all his photos and messages were still there,” but how would she know if anything had been deleted?  She wouldn’t have seen what was on her father’s phone before the FBI had it.

Could the Carver’s have captured something they shouldn’t have? Perhaps unknowingly?

Danny Contreras

Danny Contreras, an eyewitness Las Vegas shooting survivor who publicly claimed there were multiple shooters involved in the attack, has been found dead in an empty house in Las Vegas.

In the same week the Carvers died, Danny Contreras, an eyewitness Las Vegas shooting survivor who publicly claimed there were multiple shooters involved in the attack, was been found dead in an empty house in Las Vegas with multiple gunshot wounds.

His body was found in a vacant home in the northeastern valley after a neighbor heard a man groaning inside the building and called 911. Police say Contreras was dead when they arrived at the 5800 block of East Carey Avenue, near North Nellis Boulevard.

The woman who called emergency services to the scene says she didn’t hear any gunshots, but the coroner confirmed that Danny Contreras, 35, died of “multiple gunshot wounds” and ruled his death a homicide.

Mr. Contreras tweeted the day after the attacks saying he was “lucky to be alive” after he was “chased by two gunmen.”

His social media post from his Twitter account, which has since been suspended by Twitter, that was shared several times said: “Feeling lcky to be alive. cant beleive i got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky.”

Chad Nishimura

Chad Nishimura, a Mandalay Bay valet, parked the suspected Las Vegas gunman’s car, and gave an interview saying Stephen Paddock was a “normal guy” who “didn’t have many bags”.

Nishimura gave a statement to ABC affiliate, KITV4 News, but the article was quietly pulled from the network’s website after it began attracting attention.

After his account was published, Nishimura disappeared and all of his social media accounts were deleted. His friends and coworkers saying he is “totally unreachable”.

Chad Nishimura’s account seems to prove that Paddock didn’t carry bags of heavy machine guns and other deadly weapons up to his room. One of the biggest holes in the official story is how Paddock could have smuggled all those weapons up to his room, avoiding detection.

Nishimura’s report of “normal guy” Paddock arriving at the hotel without much luggage totally debunks that theory.

As unverified rumors circulate about his death, did Chad Nishimura’s honesty cost him his life?

Kymberley Suchomel

Kymberley Suchomel went public with claims of witnessing multiple gunmen, and was determined to prove the mainstream narrative is wrong. She even announced plans to set up a survivor’s group to shine a light on the truth about what happened in Las Vegas, and expose the lies.

According to Kimberley, the Las Vegas shooting was carried out by multiple gunmen who were chasing people down in the crowd and shooting them. Her post on Facebook quickly went viral as it confirmed what many had already suspected: The mainstream media “official” narrative that Stephen Paddock was a “lone wolf” gunman was false.

Less than one week after she gave this account, Kymberley was found dead at her house in Apple Valley, California.

Orville Almon

Orville Almon, the lawyer representing the Route 91 music festival and Jason Aldean, the singer onstage when the Las Vegas shooting began, was found dead at home after suffering a “seizure during sleep” – the same cause of death as Kymberley Suchomel.

Almon, a prominent Nashville attorney, his practice included re-negotiating existing agreements and new technology issues, and was renowned for negotiating with law enforcement. However his recent social media posts suggested the experienced attorney was feeling the strain of his latest high-profile case.

Describing meetings with MGM, Las Vegas police, and the FBI as “incredibly strange and complex” to one of his friends on recently made private Facebook threads, the attorney was privy to inside information that the FBI, by announcing they are no longer holding press conferences and the investigation is closed, have chosen to withhold from the public.

John Beilman

John Beilman, who was wanted by federal agents following the discovery of a communications device in the hotel room of the officially identified shooter Stephen Paddock, killed both himself and his disabled daughter in an apparent murder-suicide.

Investigators searched Beilman’s Fairport home the day before he shot his severely disabled daughter and himself, according to sources close to the investigation.

Agents executed a search warrant and raided Beilman’s Williamsburg Drive home the day before he took his daughter, Nicole, into the backyard and shot her and then himself in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Are these people being silenced to cover up the truth?

Whether this series of disturbing deaths and disappearances are purely coincidental or whether there is something deeply sinister afoot has yet to be determined, but the response by law enforcement and mainstream media – in particular their refusal to address the questions that the informed public want answered – is leading many to arrive at the same conclusion.

When you add in “hero” security guard Jesus Campos’ mysterious comings and goings, and inconsistencies surrounding suspected shooter Stephen Paddock’s life and death, the coincidences seem less and less likely to be innocent.

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