Pelosi Slammed Trump’s Baltimore Comments During 5-Star Trip to Venice, Italy

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Nancy Pelosi slammed Trump's Baltimore comments while dining with fellow Democrats from rooftop of 5-star hotel in Venice, Italy

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats spouted off about President Trump’s Baltimore comments from the rooftop of an extremely expensive restaurant in Venice, Italy, near their 5-star hotel, it has emerged.

On Saturday President Trump took to twitter to slam Rep. Elijah Cummings and his “rat infested” Maryland district.

Democrats were outraged at President Trump for daring to critize one of their cities. Pelosi immediately labelled Trump’s words as “racist.” reports: According to the Orkin pest control company Baltimore, Maryland is one of the “rattiest cities” in the United States.

Pelosi weighed in on rat-infested Baltimore from a 5 start Hotel rooftop restaurant in Venice, Italy.

On Saturday Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi lashed out at President Trump for calling out Cummings and his rat-infested city.

Pelosi tweeted out her response from a 5 star hotel rooftop restaurant in Venice.

Here is a photo from Pelosi’s dinner. She is sitting with Ilhan Omar and Sheila Jackson Lee.

How’s Houston, Sheila?

** Rep. John Lewis is sitting at the table and not Cummings

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