10 Scientific Reasons Why HIV Cannot Cause Aids – The AIDS Hoax

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This clip is taken from the documentary “HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud?”. In the clip Dr. Duesberg (professor at Berkeley University, California, and Virologist) explains 10 scientific reasons why HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS.

We have listed the top 10 scientific reasons why HIV cannot cause AIDS below.

1. HIV (like other viruses) is harmless after antibody immunity
2. HIV does not kill T-Cells it infects
3. HIV does not infect enough T-Cells to cause Aids
4. HIV has no AIDS causing gene
5. There is no such thing as a slow virus
6. HIV is not a new virus, so it could not cause a “new” epidemic
7. HIV fails Koch’s postulates
8. AIDS has remained in its original risk groups
9. The international profile of AIDS patients is inconsistent
10. AIDS occurs without HIV infection. Most people with HIV never develop AIDS

The video below goes into detail. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.


    • Basically, HIV exists, but it’s a retrovirus like many others that existed for thousands of years, living in some sort of symbiosis within the human body. Some people may have it, and some wont, but it doesnt matter. It’s pretty much like the bacterias that live inside your intestines.
      So whenever someone dies, if that someone has the HIV retrovirus, that person will be labeled as a victim of AIDS related disease : which in fact could be any disease (pneumonia, cholera…) knowing how AIDS is supposed to work.
      What’s the point of all this ?
      Then out of fear, people would do anything like buying expensives tests and medications. It’s also a good way to do some family planning…

      • Exactly so, rockinpenguin, The Eagle concurs with another bird, wide awake, we be here to help those who are duped into believing the fake.

        See the article at the lying lame-stream media domain, the Masonic Trotskyites rolling out their ATM shekel machine, the asheep living in a nightmare dream, South Africa the place where they fiat money do cream and the populace ream!
        http: // lifestyle. iafrica. com/wellness/1058685. html

  1. The red pill or the blue: Fear will sink yer, an illusion of the mind, so change yer mind, therein resides the cure

    The Big Pharma scam, HIV their shekel accruing flim-flam, where be all
    these millions dying, can ye not yet see that they be a lying, deathly
    fear induced in the receptive mind, the cells take heed and start to
    decline, almost all indoctrinated and blind to the fakirs of the Cabal
    kind, ATM’s of the Bankster bind, on every corner, just to remind, The
    Eagle did warn yer, “come get your fix, one and all, you ain’t sick and
    we’re having a ball, believe if ye will, but best to take note that we
    are the Shill, and fear to be certain doth ultimately kill!”

    http: // lifestyle. iafrica. com/wellness/1058685. html
    http: // www. harmonikireland. com/hiv-hoax/
    http: // whale. to/b/hiv. html

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