163 Students In New South Wales Receive Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines ‘By Mistake’

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163 pupil at a school in New South Wales Australia were vaccinated ‘by mistake’.

NSW Health has apologised after an “error” saw Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines bring administered to boarders at an elite Sydney Catholic school, even though most under-40s in Australia are not eligible for the Pfizer jab.

During a press conference on Wednesday, the NSW health minister Brad Hazzard dismissed criticism against his department. He told a rporter: ” You know what? The school intended it well, there was a mistake and so what? It’s happened. Out of a million vaccinations. Move on!”

Thebharatexpressnews reports: Grade 12 students at St Joseph’s College received their first dose of Pfizer vaccine in May, although the general public still has limited eligibility for the vaccine.

Asked Wednesday whether the issue was embarrassing to his department, State Health Minister Brad Hazzard urged people to move on.

“What I find most embarrassing is that you would make this kind of question and accusation against the front-line health workers who are working their buttocks and will have carried out 1 million vaccinations under arms tomorrow”, a- he declared.

“You know what? The school had wanted it. There was a mistake and so? It happened. Out of a million shots. Pass.”

NSW Health apologized for the “mistake,” which led many of the 163 boys at the exclusive Catholic school to be vaccinated against COVID before being strictly eligible.

In a tight supply environment, vaccines in Australia remain limited to people over 40 or other high priority groups. Indigenous peoples and Torres Strait Islanders over the age of 16 are among those identified as priorities.

In a statement on Tuesday, the school confirmed that it had contacted the Sydney local health district about the vaccination, as the 163 boys were boarders. Some of them come from rural communities, including remote indigenous communities.

Sydney local health district chief executive Teresa Anderson said only indigenous students were supposed to be vaccinated.

“By mistake, the larger group of Grade 12 residents, a total of 163 students, were also vaccinated,” she said Tuesday.

“The Sydney Local Health District apologizes for this mistake.”

School principal Ross Tarlinton said the students received the vaccine at a center determined by NSW Health.

“The approval and administration of the vaccine has been approved and managed by NSW Health through the Sydney Local Health District,” he said.

“Recognizing that the college does not determine the priority of vaccination, he welcomed the opportunity to offer the vaccine to students given the approvals provided. “

The vaccine boondoggle sparked outrage, with NSW Teacher’s Federation Senior Vice President Amber Flohm blowing it up.

“It’s obscene. Absolutely obscene, ”she told TBEN.

“It highlights the inequalities that exist in our society. This kind of behavior will not get us through a pandemic. “

Ms Flohm said teachers’ demands to be considered a high priority for vaccines had “fallen on deaf ears” as privileged sections of the community received doses.

“This is wrong on many levels,” she said.

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