2016 MTV Movie Awards Jam Packed Full Of Illuminati Symbolism

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2016 MTV movie awards illuminati symbolism exposed

In this video, media analyst Mark Dice looks at the illuminati secrets and symbols on display at this years 2016 MTV Movie Awards. 

According to Dice this years ceremony was jam-packed full of symbolism, including the introduction of a bisexual hero named Halsey, as well as reams of ‘feminist propaganda’.

Mark Dice doesn’t mince his words when exposing mainstream media and celebrities, and in this video he claims that the MTV awards show celebrated beastiality as part of a social engineering experiment on the youth.

Dice says that MTV included “simulated sex” with animals, marking a “new low” for liberal propaganda.

Take a look at the video below and let us know whether you agree that this years Movie Awards show was the most disturbing to-date?

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