Airline Passenger Puts Up With Bare Feet On Armrest For Entire Flight

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smelly feet

A Chinese woman showed extreme discipline by putting up with a pair of feet belonging to a passenger from the aisle behind.

Passenger Wu said she had to endure the worst flight of her life when another passenger’s bare feet were resting on her armrest for the entire four hour flight.

A fellow woman Chinese passenger from the row behind had her feet stretched out all the way into the aisle in front, and right next to Passenger Wu’s area of perception and cognition.

Daily Star reports:

The photo shows the offending woman shamelessly lodge her feet beside where the other woman was sitting in front.

smelly feet


The passenger claimed she then complained to staff on board the AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Xi’an in China.

But she was told there was nothing they could do and she had to bare the torment.

Instead of risking a big arguement, the middle-aged woman decided to share photographs on Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo.

The Chinese woman, surnamed Wu, alleged the passenger kept her feet there for the whole flight.

She only putting her feet down once when going to the lav.

According to the Evening Standard she complained to cabin crew:

With the passengers bare feet just centimetres from her skin, the woman said she complained to cabin crew while the woman behind her was in the bathroom.

But it is claimed the Thai flight attendant said there was simply nothing that could be done, blaming the fact on all the other passengers being Chinese.smelly feet

Not content with what she endured during the four-hour flight, Wu posted photographs of the offending passenger – and her feet- on Chinese social media website Weibo.

A newspaper in Beijing contacted Wu and asked why she did not speak to the passenger herself, to which she responded she was scared it would cause an argument.

She said: “I only wanted to post the pictures for my friends to see – I wasn’t planning to start a debate.

“I didn’t report the case to the airlines either, because I just thought it was water under the bridge.”


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