Alec Baldwin Says Killing Woman Took ‘Years Off’ His Life

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Alec Baldwin – who is facing criminal charges for killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after the FBI concluded he did pull the trigger – says the killing took “years” off his life.

Baldwin, 64, who was hobnobbing in Vermont just one week after fatally shooting the cinematographer and injuring the director, sat down with CNN for an interview published Friday.

There is just this torrent of people attacking me who don’t know the facts,” the actor told CNN.

Baldwin killed Hutchins on the afternoon of October 21, 2021, while practicing a scene with a Colt .45 revolver that was supposed to be loaded with blanks. While Baldwin claims that he did not pull the trigger, the FBI concluded in a report last week that he is lying.

ZeroHedge report: During interviews with investigators, Baldwin said that he was told the weapon he was holding was a “cold gun,” which meant it was loaded with blank cartridges.

According to the Mind Unleashed, Baldwin also claimed that the weapon fired without him pulling the trigger when he pulled back the hammer and posed for Halyna’s camera, with the actor insisting: “I did not pull the trigger.”

The FBI concluded it is theoretically possible for the device to produce the sound of a gunshot without actually firing a bullet; however, it is abundantly clear that this was not what happened in Baldwin’s case.

What’s more, Santa Fe police are not ruling out criminal charges.

On Aug. 12, authorities said they are still waiting for Baldwin’s phone records, which the District Attorney has been working with Suffolk County Police Department in New York and Baldwin’s attorneys to acquire.

Baldwin has been sued by Hutchins’s family.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I have a great disliking for Alec, but he was set up, no question in my mind.
    A bullet was arranged to be put in the gun and there were instructions to point the gun and fire.
    What the agenda was here I am not sure, but it was a set up.

    • I’ve thought that, too, but I think there’s more to this story, would love to know the whole tale.
      I’ve never liked him either, his squinty eyes bother me and eyes tell alot.

    • Could have been; I’m sure he had no shortage of enemies. But the fact that he shot her while not even in the middle of a scene suggests that he was more than a little reckless.

    • He was only supposed to use the gun in the scene. That’s the point the FBI are pretending they’ve forgotten. So it was set up by them as accessories obviously. Rather like they seem to have
      set up Trump. Garland in on it all the way.

      • The Satanist eat their own in the end. Famous last words when they realize the truth. “wait! let me go, I am one of you!, no please, I did all kinds of nasty deeds for you guys! this is some sort of mistake! free me! I don’t understand!”

  2. This imbecile is his own worst enemy….KEEP doing ‘interviews’, imbecile, that show you to be the ranting sociopath you ARE…..

  3. Alec Baldwin is one of the Secret Hollywood Pedophiles, killing to stop the exposure of the pedophile cult in the United States,

    • It’s global. It started in England The Lolita was the famous English pedophilia magazine That’s why they called Eosteins jet the LOLITA express He loved on LITTLE SAINT JAMES Island in his little Palace. All those islands are heavily populated by celebrities like Beyonce and her thug husband.

      • These people, who have hegemonic world ambitions as their core values, and control the narrative for now, find themselves in the position of being exposed as to their true inner decayed social values on the national and the world stage; they are on the way out.

        The “Deep State” really is deep, at its core the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, and its owners.

      • I tried reading that book when I was 16. I couldn’t get passed 10 pages. It was disgusting. Perhaps it sounds more ‘poetic’ in English but in original Russian it is far more descriptive. Slavic languages in general are much better at conveyance of emotional and metaphysical concepts.

        I never understood why Nabokov and his trash gained popularity in Anglosphere where age of consent is generally higher. But I don’t understand why his novel gained any notoriety in Russosphere either. It is certainly isn’t obscure. Shock value perhaps?

  4. Either he was well set up or someone wanted him to kill whoever he was intended to shoot in the actual scene But never in a movie set would anyone ever expect to have live bullets in a gun being used to be filmed seen to be shooting someone.
    “Nothing is what it seems ” Who wanted him ruined and who did they want dead And why are the FBI pretending they believe that live bullets would be normal.

  5. when I was a federal agent, we had house clearing excercises and where given guns that had a caliber that could not fit any real bullet, only blanks. the revolver was modified so a bullet calibere would not fit down the barrel or be inserted in the ,…. can’t think of the name right now. the… revolving bullet holder thingy. Long time ago.

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